Thanksgiving 2020: Much To Be Grateful For

Photo by Jill Wellington on As murky as the origins of Thanksgiving are, I have made it my time of the year to look back on the year that was and be cognizant of the things I am grateful for. A good many are the same year after year. Health, Family, Friends, Food and … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2020: Much To Be Grateful For

Thanksgiving And An Ask

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is the time of the year when I take stock of the year gone past and process the big and small things that I am grateful for. 2020 has been a strange year. It started with a bang. I was counting on my … Continue reading Thanksgiving And An Ask

Gratitude: The Decade Long Version

The water undulates in front of me. It is mesmerizing, the flecks of blue and gold, the buoys bobbing up and down. Most importantly, I am alone, a rare occurrence in my life as a mother and wife. The sounds around me are soothing, the road noise, the water lapping against the concrete barrier. Even … Continue reading Gratitude: The Decade Long Version

Things I Am Grateful For This Year

My phone dings as I walk, interrupting the mellifluous voice of M.S. Subbulakshmi. I ignore the sound and continue walking. The air is chill and my nose is dripping. In the forty minutes that I take to circle the seventy odd homes that comprise my development, I see no other humans. I am home, mildly … Continue reading Things I Am Grateful For This Year

Gratitude List

In a couple of days, all of the social media will be abuzz with recipes, food pictures, and gratitude lists. In what has become an annual tradition of sorts, despite the murky origins of this holiday, this week will kick-start our holiday season. I look back on the year that has gone by and linger … Continue reading Gratitude List

Gratitude List

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly rested. The clock showed 5:00 AM, far too early to be up on a holiday. I lay in bed, eyes closed but awake trying to put in words the things I am grateful for today. Instead of words, I got a series of visuals akin to watching a … Continue reading Gratitude List

Plenty to be thankful for

Messages of thanks abound in the world that I inhabit. My facebook feed is filled with them. My children bring home art work featuring turkeys and adorable “I am thankful for …” messages. It is no surprise then that I am reflecting on the things that I am thankful for. Like most others, I am … Continue reading Plenty to be thankful for

Gifts of time and cognizance

Tis that time of the year again when air waves abound with talk of gratitude. Of thankfulness. Every year as we count down to the new year, I reflect on the months past. On the peaks and valleys in my life. I review and relive the good and the bad. Well! the good mostly. This … Continue reading Gifts of time and cognizance

What are you thankful for?

"What are you thankful for?" "Family" says Ammu. "Turkey" says Pattu and runs away with an impish smile. I look expectantly at Saathi. "For the lovely ladies in my life" he says with a twinkle. I turn inward. "What am I thankful for?" Each year the answer evolves. All years include family, friends and food … Continue reading What are you thankful for?

Tis the season of thankfulness

I know little behind the history of Thanksgiving apart from the story making rounds on Nick Jr. Yet, the idea behind taking a day to be cognizant of the things I am thankful for appeals to me. So, today I want to take a moment to record the things I am happy about. Motherhood: This … Continue reading Tis the season of thankfulness

I am thankful for…

As Thanksgiving week rolls around and I see pictures of plump turkeys all around, I am struck by how close to the end of the year we are. Over the past few years, Thanksgiving has come to mean family and food to me as much as it does to my neighbors next door. While I … Continue reading I am thankful for…

Simple weekend joys

Most people I know had a four day weekend, but not K and I. What we did have however was a weekend full of food and friends like any Thanksgiving should be. I realized how much I love food and cooking when I was in front of the stove at 1:30 PM Thursday afternoon whipping … Continue reading Simple weekend joys

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Image Courtesy: Montgomery County Website Maryland. As I waited to heat my breakfast in the company kitchen, I was party to a Thanksgiving dinner preparation discussion between two of my co-workers. One person was in favor of frozen turkeys and the other for fresh. They went on to detail their menu and how they were … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!!