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Gratitude: The Decade Long Version

The water undulates in front of me. It is mesmerizing, the flecks of blue and gold, the buoys bobbing up and down. Most importantly, I am alone, a rare occurrence in my life as a mother and wife. The sounds around me are soothing, the road noise, the water lapping against the concrete barrier. Even […]

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Saying grace

I scoop up the fluttering dryer sheets from under the breakfast table quickly trailing it along the edges of the table to remove lint and crayon wrapper bits as I do. I walk past the whirring grinder and open the trash. Pieces of orange paper remind me of the Fall Jamboree I need to pay […]

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Guardian angels

An impromptu food drop off from a friend turned neighbor. A text that says “Vetti? Call??”. Weekly check in calls. GTalk conversations that start with “Oye” and end with a promise to visit. Emails that offer to pick up favorites from a store away from where I live. Unplanned afternoon meet ups. Conversations that hum […]

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