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A Note Of Thanks

A little over a year and a half before, I wrote a passionate plea to help someone in need. I called her Shakthi on the blog. A lot of you wrote back, sent money, gift cards and a whole lot of good wishes. Today I am happy to report she is thriving and officially divorced. […]

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Gratitude, Musings

When The Universe Conspires

A week ago, I posted a passionate appeal for help relating to a domestic violence survivor. When I wrote that post, my heart was hurting. I could not fathom how the power balance in an intimate relationship could be so skewed. The political landscape in the US with a presidential nominee heard on tape bragging […]

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Father's Day, Thank You

Full circle

The packages come in the mail, staggered over a few days. Clothes lie heaped on the table in the eat-in kitchen. I have Ammu and Pattu wear each piece scanning critically for a ‘passable’ fit. I have learned the hard way to order sizes they can grow into. Saathi stands by the kitchen island sorting […]

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Underappreciated and overwhelmed

I woke up to the sounds of Amma bustling in the kitchen. The dishwasher was being unloaded, the microwave humming and the cooker hissing in the background. Stretching lazily, I also heard sounds of one of the twins waking. Ignoring any temptation to snooze for a few more minutes, I jumped out of bed to […]

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I owe you

Walking down the aisle at my workplace, head bent, eyes focused on the eerie back lit glow of the iPhone, I smiled to myself. A bright blue encircled one stood next to my inbox. There are very few times I expect something and it falls in place. Scanning the email quickly I realized how much […]

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Award, Thank You

You have an award!

Over the course of yesterday Apar pinged me to tell me I have an award. Then I found Mitr sent me a note too. Thank you both. They both seem to feel that Musings is a blog that invests and believes in Proximity. I believe in it too, which is why I am particularly honored […]

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