COVID-19 Diaries: I Am The Lottery

I see my reflection on the dirty powder room mirror and pause, really pause. The face staring back at me is beautiful. Perhaps it is the lighting or the two years of sticking to a walking routine or just the effect of being indoors all the time for over a month. I like what I … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: I Am The Lottery

Valentine’s Day: Flawed And Perfect

“I have two Master’s degrees you know?” I playfully tell my oldest daughter as we talk about why I should be working. The conversation stems from a chance remark about how exhausted I feel and she quips that perhaps I should quit as I did once before. “I probably will get another Masters after you … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Flawed And Perfect

Battle Scars

Driving back from Laddu’s daycare, I turned the radio on. Humming along, I sat at the next light when the song ended and the commercials began. The first was for laser hair removal. The honeyed voice of a woman claimed her life changed for the better after getting body hair removed. I was amused and … Continue reading Battle Scars