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Crushes and Blushes

Pattu says, “Amma, Ammu has a crush on M.” Ammu blushes a deep red. Then I ask Pattu “Do you still crush on L?” Pattu blushes deep red. Ammu tells Pattu “M is just a friend. Not a crush!” Pattu persists until Ammu relents “His name starts with C” We all take turns guessing until […]

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The In-Between Kind Of Love

It exists, this love between us, in the seconds you pause before you reply to me. It tells me you give weight to my words, consider them as you answer. It exists, in the lift of your head, as you raise your eyes to meet mine, in the middle of chaos before the school bus […]

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To the moon and back

Thursday night. The clock showed 9:03 PM. Kids were in bed. Saathi zoned out in front of the TV while I leaned back on the recliner with a book in hand. A week back, in conversation with a friend the topic veered to books and she said if there was one book that epitomized Romance […]

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A walk to remember

These days I work out of an office in Bangalore. I just love it. In some ways it feels like I have never been away. I love the chaos, the colors, the energy and of course the sound of Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu all around me. My first day at work here was more […]

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