Crushes and Blushes

Pattu says, "Amma, Ammu has a crush on M." Ammu blushes a deep red. Then I ask Pattu "Do you still crush on L?" Pattu blushes deep red. Ammu tells Pattu "M is just a friend. Not a crush!" Pattu persists until Ammu relents "His name starts with C" We all take turns guessing until … Continue reading Crushes and Blushes

The In-Between Kind Of Love

It exists, this love between us, in the seconds you pause before you reply to me. It tells me you give weight to my words, consider them as you answer. It exists, in the lift of your head, as you raise your eyes to meet mine, in the middle of chaos before the school bus … Continue reading The In-Between Kind Of Love

To the moon and back

Thursday night. The clock showed 9:03 PM. Kids were in bed. Saathi zoned out in front of the TV while I leaned back on the recliner with a book in hand. A week back, in conversation with a friend the topic veered to books and she said if there was one book that epitomized Romance … Continue reading To the moon and back

Tis a special day!

** Mush Alert! Yes. K is a year older. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a blip but considering my universe is largely inhabited by K, it is a huge deal 🙂 Birthdays make me anxious. I wonder about what gifts to buy from months ahead. I plan and plot in my … Continue reading Tis a special day!

Seven long years. Yes! it’s been that long.

With every passing year, the memories seem to acquire a sepia toned feel to it. Early on in my marriage I used to relish recounting how K came to "see" me. What we talked about, how we decided to go ahead to commit to waking up to each other for the rest of our lives. … Continue reading Seven long years. Yes! it’s been that long.

Dance in the rain…

A couple of Saturdays back Amma and I sat in our bright living room early in the morn sipping tea and talking of my dad. As we immersed ourselves in the memories and sighed with a lifetime of unfulfilled wishes in our mind we were broken out of our reverie by Saathi who came bounding … Continue reading Dance in the rain…

Whither Equality?

As I peered out the tall glass windows of my office building watching the slushy, icy mix come down, I was glad I was inside looking out unlike Saathi who was out there scraping ice off the windshield and side mirrors. It was another five minutes before he pulled up by the door to pick me … Continue reading Whither Equality?

My very own pixie

As I load the pressure cooker with the dhal and rice, the sparkling counter-top surprises me. As I open the anjalai petti (seasoning rack) to season my boiling sambar, the shine glinting off the vessel catches me smiling. The steaming dishwasher blinking "I am ready" opens to reveal rows after rows of neatly stacked impossibly … Continue reading My very own pixie

A walk to remember

These days I work out of an office in Bangalore. I just love it. In some ways it feels like I have never been away. I love the chaos, the colors, the energy and of course the sound of Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu all around me. My first day at work here was more … Continue reading A walk to remember