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Family Is Love

My feet hurt. The delicious kind of ache that comes from knowing all of your work is done and all that stretches ahead of you is a night of dreamless sleep. I have been meticulously unpacking suitcases, folding clothes and putting them away. The process has taken me longer than it should because I stumbled […]

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A Tale Of Two Mothers

It is dusk, the clouds have been gathering in force all through the day, threatening rain. I am in my study after what feels like ages. For a week I have been tending to my guests, cooking, cleaning, worrying and walking. Today, the house feels quiet, calm, normal. On Monday, the mother of my older […]

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Of Family Reunions And Impossible Hope

We flew out on Christmas Eve, the five of us, to Florida for a family reunion. One that had been months in planning. One that we had said we wouldn’t join. We left home at 3:30 PM for a 7:30 PM flight. We reached our gate two hours early and then found that the flight […]

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Of Reunions and Confidence

A couple of days have gone past since we have come home. A few suitcases still lie at the corner of my bedroom awaiting attention. The toys we picked up from vendors along the pavements in Pondy Bazaar are scattered in the living room. The breakfast table is claimed by wrapped packages. One blue box […]

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Revisit, Reconnect, Renew

We reached in the dead of the night, picking up room keys from a sleepy employee who went through the motions of showing of where our room was and mentioning breakfast would be served from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM. Setting an alarm for 6:00, we fell into a sleep that was deep and devoid […]

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