Filial Expectations

I am at the stove deep frying thenkuzhal, a golden extrusion of rice and lentil flours fried and drained on paper towels before being inhaled. Amma stands next to me painstakingly filling the extruder for me to use for the next round. She then walks over to cut cabbage for the evening dinner. She is … Continue reading Filial Expectations

Bringing Home Puppy

“We should adopt a dog,” I say enthusiastically returning home from a lunch with a friend and pet parent. I go on to recount in painful detail how Toby the golden retriever serenaded me with his toys and later settled down with me on the sofa petting me with his paw. We all had a … Continue reading Bringing Home Puppy

Parenting – A Do It Yourself Project

I sit at the dark wood table, a good 20 feet from the kitchen watching my children crowd around their Appa as he scoops avocado and slices it into bite sized pieces. I offer to mash it up into guacamole and the four of them shake their heads as they eat the ripe avocado right … Continue reading Parenting – A Do It Yourself Project

Notes to my past self

I lie sprawled on the couch. My feet touching Saathi's as he is stretched out at the other end. Laddu crawls back and forth aligning herself to the planes and angles of his body and the curves and contours of mine. I lie not asleep but in a deep state of exhaustion after what has … Continue reading Notes to my past self