COVID-19 Diaries: Anniversary

Photo by Văn Thắng on Nineteen years is a long time. It is even when you factor in the first few years when you are getting to know the person, the next few years when you are struggling to build a family, the years after that are consumed by nurturing this hard-built family. We … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: Anniversary

Shattered Mirrors And Onions

For years, this scene from a Tamil movie has been stuck in my head, an early precursor of what families are like. Noisy, complicated and messy. The imagery of a shattered mirror to depict fractured relationships has stuck in my mind rising to the fore each time a relationship falls apart from the weight of expectations … Continue reading Shattered Mirrors And Onions

Love In The In-Between Spaces

I sat across my friend at the local Indian restaurant. Our plates full and the tables too close together. I tried hard to not notice our neighbor giving us a little too much attention. We sat, her and I, talking about our daughters and exchanging notes on the local elementary school. This lunch would have … Continue reading Love In The In-Between Spaces

Anatomy Of A Marriage

My ideas about a romantic partner had been cobbled together from fictional people, from the Darcys of literature and the Khans of Bollywood. In essence, they did not exist. Marriage is a lot of work I concluded as I expressed enough for the two of us. I wrote notes, I pored over recipe books, slaved … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Marriage

Up and Down, Around and Around – The Carousel of Life

Laddu clings to my knees, screaming with a vehemence that takes me by surprise. The sauté pan with the hot oil waits for the seasoning. The freshly cooked rice cools on the adjacent stove, the pearly grains emitting wispy spirals. The lunch boxes are open on the other side of the counter. I pick Laddu … Continue reading Up and Down, Around and Around – The Carousel of Life

The Voice At The Other End Of The Line

The phone rings a few times before her voice comes on the line. Reassuring. Available. Just there for my taking. We exchange pleasantries. We talk about what we cooked, how we slept, minor aches and pains, the cost of medicines, the cost of a kilo of tomatoes. We talk of bank balances, siblings and children. … Continue reading The Voice At The Other End Of The Line

Remembering to forget

Most days somewhere between the time I wake and my coffee, I think about what date it is. It normally reminds me of birthdays, anniversaries or special memories associated with the day. I think about the person or persons, events, places that hold a place in my heart for that day before moving on. Some … Continue reading Remembering to forget

It’s not personal. Really!

Driving back home this evening I realized with a sigh that all of my usual victims were unavailable to give me company on my long drive home. I alternated between a local FM channel and NPR. The need to connect to a live person was visceral. So, my mind wandered around the US map, zoning … Continue reading It’s not personal. Really!

What maketh a friend?

Reading a piece on a friend's private blog made me resonate so much with what she said that I had to write about it. She was musing about what makes friends and who are acquaintances. As I let my mind wander down the alleyways of time, I realized there are a lot of people I … Continue reading What maketh a friend?

East or West, Mom’s the best!

We drove back from my brother's home with my mom in the back seat. In the quiet silence of the night, I marveled at how much my relationship with amma had morphed with the passage of time. From being a person I rebelled against to someone I now look up to, I understand her better … Continue reading East or West, Mom’s the best!