Pontificating On Spirituality

It is a blustery morning. I am bundled up as I head for my morning walk. I am glad for the warm wool scarf around my neck that also obscures the wires from the earphone snaking to my pocket. This morning, I choose to start with Venkateshwara Suprabatham. M.S. Subbulakshmi crooning into my ears is … Continue reading Pontificating On Spirituality

Tomorrow I will…

“Let’s play konji konji Amma,” she says, her eyes pleading with me. I reluctantly put away my phone and scoop her up. We cuddle, bounce, trade squishy hugs and sit on the recliner looking at clouds through the window. It is mid morning. We have not showered yet. I am loathe to move, to bring … Continue reading Tomorrow I will…

Grief And Regrets

I sit up wide awake from what must have been a light sleep. The clock reads 4:00 AM. I pick my phone as is habit. The first status on my newsfeed is a cryptic message mourning the loss of someone who was once dear to me. A childhood friend, a friend from my teenage, a … Continue reading Grief And Regrets

Taking pause

The sunlight streams in from the mullioned window in the foyer. I pass the room where your toys lie scattered. A momentary annoyance creases my face. I stand debating if I should clear it up or have the two of you do it when you are back from school. I pass your bedrooms. The crumpled … Continue reading Taking pause

Of letters and lost thoughts

I sat at my sturdy desk, paper, pen and envelope in front of me. The words formed and reformed in my head as I struggled with what to say to a girl going to be ten years old. I went back to when I was ten years old. An age when I was reading books. … Continue reading Of letters and lost thoughts

Of lingering regrets

Friday night we had a graduation party to attend to. Armed with The Code Book by Simon Singh, we showed up a few minutes into the party. As we sat around in their spacious living room and exchanged pleasantries with the other guests, I noticed that almost all of them who were there had kids. … Continue reading Of lingering regrets