COVID-19 Diaries: I Am The Lottery

I see my reflection on the dirty powder room mirror and pause, really pause. The face staring back at me is beautiful. Perhaps it is the lighting or the two years of sticking to a walking routine or just the effect of being indoors all the time for over a month. I like what I … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: I Am The Lottery

COVID-19 Diaries: Life Goes On

It is a bright, sunny day. All through the day, I alternate work, kitchen and online studies with the kids. There is a point towards the end of the workday when I throw in the towel, order the kids off their iPad, their IXL sessions be damned and head out for a bit of fresh … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: Life Goes On


It is early in the morning. The kids are still asleep. It is one of those rare weekend mornings when I have the house to myself and nothing on my agenda, not even making breakfast. The air is chill, in the upper fifties. I am walking around in a gray faded capris and a much-loved … Continue reading Disquiet

Pontificating On Spirituality

It is a blustery morning. I am bundled up as I head for my morning walk. I am glad for the warm wool scarf around my neck that also obscures the wires from the earphone snaking to my pocket. This morning, I choose to start with Venkateshwara Suprabatham. M.S. Subbulakshmi crooning into my ears is … Continue reading Pontificating On Spirituality

The Making Of A Home

It is nearly 2:00 in the afternoon and I realize with a start that I have not had a chance to sit down yet. I am not sure what I have been doing so I sit down and actually make a list. Make coffee Unload dishwasher Make eggplant fry Pressure cook rice Make almond chutney … Continue reading The Making Of A Home

Tomorrow I will…

“Let’s play konji konji Amma,” she says, her eyes pleading with me. I reluctantly put away my phone and scoop her up. We cuddle, bounce, trade squishy hugs and sit on the recliner looking at clouds through the window. It is mid morning. We have not showered yet. I am loathe to move, to bring … Continue reading Tomorrow I will…

To The Moon And Back – We Love You

The sun slants in through the open glass of the side door. It feels warm against my face. All three kids surround me. One is convinced her sleeping bag needs a wash. The other two are taking their first delightful steps into the Harry Potter universe. The questions fly thick and fast. I can’t seem … Continue reading To The Moon And Back – We Love You

The Very Many Firsts

The window over my sink lets in a mottled mix of sun and clouds. A grey sky putting up a good resistance to the Sun. I stand there rooting for the Sun and smiling a goofy smile. I sip on my coffee and reach for my phone. I scroll through my pictures selecting randomly. Each … Continue reading The Very Many Firsts

Just believe!

In the silence of the afternoon tapping on my keyboard catching up on my emails as is my habit now when the girls nap, I felt the room get chillier. Pushing off the impulse to get up and get a sweater, I kept at the computer till I crossed that break point and reluctantly closed … Continue reading Just believe!

Her story, My story, Our story

The past few months have been interesting to say the least. In addition to work, home, MBA a part of me is gearing up to be an adoptive mom. This means for most part researching the Internet, catching up on adoption stories and and preparing myself for an eventuality that will change my life irrevocably. … Continue reading Her story, My story, Our story

The promise of summer

Walking out the door of my home today, I was hit with a sharp nip in the air. Despite being layered, it woke me from the half sleep state I was in as I ambled through my morning. Whistling a tune to myself I got in the car and realized with a start that summer … Continue reading The promise of summer

Musings on Muses

After a panic stricken Monday when I battled my managerial accounting assignment till the submission board closed at midnight, I was tempted to take yesterday easy. Reaching home, I opted to cook fresh and while the subzi sat simmering, I picked up my MIS text and read through. Enjoying the air of superiority as I … Continue reading Musings on Muses


Imagine this. All your life growing up, you took it for granted that you'd grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, build a career, have babies, go through mid life crisis, lose your parents and retire. If somewhere in this list, you hit a glitch, how do you cope? You look around … Continue reading Clueless.

Favorite movie, book and music artist

Think - and write down your favorite movie, book and music artist of all times said the whiteboard as I walked into class on Tuesday. Settling down in my chair I noticed people gathered in groups discussing football or television shows. Some were focused intently on their laptops. Looking around, I found no one free. … Continue reading Favorite movie, book and music artist

When the joke is on you

Stepping outside a friend's home yesterday night, I bid bye and one of the guys said something to mock my tambram lingo. I ignored it to the image of the rest of them laughing good naturedly as we left. All the way home, it burned in the back of my head. I argued with K … Continue reading When the joke is on you

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Exchanging pleasantries with my childhood friend over IM this morning I was telling her how kiddishly excited I was with my birthday around the corner. She promptly said "Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!" reminding me of a skit we presented in our colony on Christmas day. This friend of mine is a very … Continue reading Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!


All my life I grew up feeling entitled to a whole lot of things like a happy childhood, loving parents, a roof over my head, clothes the way I wanted it. You name it. In the natural progression of things dictated by what my peers did, I felt entitled and more often than not, got … Continue reading Entitlement

Yes, Yeah or Ya?

Stepping out of the room in which our weekly status meetings are held, I couldn't help noticing the way different people responded to questions that required a simple yes or no. Most people on my team have this habit of saying "Yeah" when they mean "Yes". And somehow that bothers me. Not sure why. May … Continue reading Yes, Yeah or Ya?

Why not me?

A few minutes back, K forwarded an email containing baby pictures from a common friend. I looked at the pictures, duly wrote a response and realized I was annoyed. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I was annoyed because the friend in question really was my ex-colleague. I was miffed that I was not copied on … Continue reading Why not me?

East vs West or Sub-urban vs Urban?

Over the past few years in my interactions with my friends who reside on the west coast of the US, I have wondered at some things. Not sure if it is just the US or it is equally true of urban vs suburban living worldwide. It may sound stereotypical or way too general but here … Continue reading East vs West or Sub-urban vs Urban?

Another weekend is gone

As I sit weary from my marathon laundry session today, I reflect on where my weekend went. It seemed like it was Friday evening and before I know it, my thoughts are already on what to make for lunch the next day. I check my work calendar to see if I have any early morning … Continue reading Another weekend is gone