Photo by Kristin Vogt on I wake up a little after 4:00 am most days. Today, I woke feeling happy and rested which is a rarity. It has been two days since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President. I cried as I watched them take their oath. … Continue reading Respite

#LettersToKamala – Tryst With Fame

Early in January, the Biden Inaugural Committee put out a call on social media asking for children to write a letter to our VP-Elect Kamala Harris. I promptly bookmarked the tweet and asked all three of my children if they would write to her. My reasoning was simple. This is history in the making. VP-Elect … Continue reading #LettersToKamala – Tryst With Fame

Hard Conversations

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on Not unlike a day last year following George Floyd's death at the hands of the police, I stood by the kitchen island and played a seven minute video showing what happened in the nation's Capitol yesterday. All three of my children watched in horror as men and women … Continue reading Hard Conversations

COVID-19 Diaries: Baking Away The Blues

Photo by Pixabay on Earlier this year in May, when COVID had just taken on the pandemic status and we were all bound to our homes, Instagram convinced me that I was missing out on life because I was not baking. Most of my baking over the years has been restricted to one of … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: Baking Away The Blues

COVID-19 Diaries: Politics, Race, Children

There is a pain between my shoulder blades that is nagging. It has been a week. I lower myself to the ground so my upper back can find something firm to rest upon. My kaapi is by the side. I snack on cheese curls as I scroll through my feed. Hasan Minhaj’s video has been … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: Politics, Race, Children

They See Blue – Desi Blue

Political activism is very new to me. I have written about it before. Up until recently, I did not care enough to learn about how the democratic process works in this country I call home now. The words caucus(es), primary(ies), Super Tuesday, Gerrymandering are new to my lexicon. I am still trying to understand why … Continue reading They See Blue – Desi Blue

Disengage. Disconnect. Disavow.

My jaws feel tight. There is an invisible band that stretches ear to ear wrapping around the base of my skull. I massage my jaw. I open and close my mouth like a fish hoping it will loosen that tightness I feel. I walk around coaxing blood flow to my neck. Most days I feel … Continue reading Disengage. Disconnect. Disavow.

Personal Politics

“So, has your group been talking about CAB/NRC?” My tone is mild. My ears, however, are alert, straining to hear nuance amidst the words. It is a letdown, however. Saathi deflects and turns the spotlight on me for wanting to talk about things divisive and ugly. I turn away, the warmth of the hot stove … Continue reading Personal Politics

Stay Angry. Stay Mad. VOTE

If like me, you watched horrified yesterday as a man nominated to the highest court in the country ranted and raved. If like me, you wondered why was his nomination was not delayed to give time to probe the accusations, this is what I want to say to you: Register to vote if you have … Continue reading Stay Angry. Stay Mad. VOTE

Stand Up And Be Counted

I lie in a carb induced stupor, an aftereffect of the Onam Sadya at my brother’s home. The ambient light makes it impossible for me to pin down a time. All I know is that I have been napping a tad too long. My children have been watching TV a tad too long. I struggle … Continue reading Stand Up And Be Counted

Translating Angst Into Activism

A little after 8:00 PM I sat at my desk, headphones on, still breathing heavily from having rushed through chores post dinner. The glass doors to the study were locked and the children peered from the outside. I waved and turned my attention to the screen. A video conference with over 220 people from all … Continue reading Translating Angst Into Activism

On Politics, Liberalism And Being A Snowflake

The year was 2000. I filed my first tax return. I think I was owed money from the government. I am not sure but I did not follow-up or deem it worth my time to find out. I was young, unencumbered and singularly apolitical. In the few years I had been eligible to vote, I … Continue reading On Politics, Liberalism And Being A Snowflake

Goodbye My President

I tune in late at night when the kids are in bed and the spouse is hovering between wakefulness and sleep on the couch, the TV on low volume. My screen fills up with his presence. I watch for the next fifty minutes, my eyes glued to the laptop screen. Towards the end as his … Continue reading Goodbye My President

What’s in a name anyway?

Everything! Akay's comment from yesterday set me thinking. I did see the furore caused by Mr Sanjay Dutt and his new wife Manyata. I saw this post by Mad Momma which in turn linked to Goofy Mama and a whole slew of posts debating this issue. I concur wholeheartedly with the spirited women and am … Continue reading What’s in a name anyway?

On the precipice of History

I raced against time shoving spoonfuls of food into my mouth before rushing to the packed cafeteria in our office where the TV was on and soulful music was playing and Obama stood on the precipice of History. Watching Obama take his oath in a calm composed manner and then go on to deliver a … Continue reading On the precipice of History

Is the tamasha over?

The UPA Goverment wins the trust vote. Not that I am a big follower of politics but some events catch my attention more than others. I have very little idea about what this means long term for India and the India - US ties. But what interested me was how my opinion of Manmohan Singh … Continue reading Is the tamasha over?