Pity Party For One

I am peeling potatoes by the sink, the window practically pointless because of how dark it is outside. The red peels fall in an intricate pattern, followed by the ends of the green beans and the orange carrot peels. I box up the cut vegetables and clear the sink. I look around the kitchen and […]

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Musings, Parenting

Flying Solo

I wake up in the dead of the night. Squinting, I realize it is 2:00 AM. I slide out of Laddu’s bed noiselessly and pad my way to my bed. Even as I decide to use the restroom, Laddu plods in behind me, her plaintive cry raising my hackles. Irritably, I climb into the cold […]

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Pregnancy, Vent

On pins and needles

One of the defining parts of being pregnant for me is dealing with gestational diabetes. It is something that requires conscious thought, planning and management on a daily basis. Right from remembering to give myself shots, finding a spot that is not sore from repeated pricks, meal planning, remembering to test, remembering to log and […]

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