Human After All

I feel connected, my arms waving with the music, my voice joining in with the chorus of voices that emanates, amplifies and fills the theater. I was at a rehearsal at the Lincoln theater where the Harmony Project choir was preparing for their December finale. I watched David Brown orchestrate a beautiful crowd of people … Continue reading Human After All

Stand Up And Be Counted

I lie in a carb induced stupor, an aftereffect of the Onam Sadya at my brother’s home. The ambient light makes it impossible for me to pin down a time. All I know is that I have been napping a tad too long. My children have been watching TV a tad too long. I struggle … Continue reading Stand Up And Be Counted

Reflections On Relationships

I am on the phone with my cousin. I have it on speaker, tucked into my blouse as I clatter and clang washing dishes. She puts up with the noise and me as we trade notes on our week. I hang up and feel a physical wave of gratitude wash over me for her time … Continue reading Reflections On Relationships

On Disillusionment

The bass beats drum slowly, steadily, loudly to one side of my bedroom. I toss and turn, the occasional headlight illuminating my angst against the music. I wonder why I am disappointed. I thought myself inured from people, from attachments but yet again, I lie awake pondering the depth of my hurt. For someone who … Continue reading On Disillusionment

Lost and found: Life goes on

Balancing a load of folded clothes in my hands, I spy the letter for the twins I have to file away in their memento box. Picking it up I gingerly make my way upstairs. Stowing away clothes, I take the letter to my room and open up the grey suitcase that houses things old and … Continue reading Lost and found: Life goes on

Unexpected discoveries: Finding myself

I cut the conversation short. I feel relief as I continue loading the dishes. The disenchantment I feel is typed away in 140 characters or less but I refrain from hitting post. The picture of all three of my daughters in one frame begs me to upload to Facebook, but I demur. I look at … Continue reading Unexpected discoveries: Finding myself

Guardian angels

An impromptu food drop off from a friend turned neighbor. A text that says "Vetti? Call??". Weekly check in calls. GTalk conversations that start with "Oye" and end with a promise to visit. Emails that offer to pick up favorites from a store away from where I live. Unplanned afternoon meet ups. Conversations that hum … Continue reading Guardian angels

Limping, Walking, Winding down

Thursday morning started with the strange sight of Cee limping as she walked. I first thought she had something stuck to her foot. Gently pushing her to walk properly, I inspected her foot. Nothing. I then thought may be she was outgrowing her footed PJs and made a mental note to get new ones. The … Continue reading Limping, Walking, Winding down

Sentimental treasures

I stayed by the window giving directions over the phone still I spied the shiny black SUV turn around the bend leading to our home. I was excited. Gathering Kay and Cee, K and I threw open the door and waited patiently for the group of four to walk up the stairs to inside. Tall, … Continue reading Sentimental treasures

An upside down world

Seated at an odd angle to the projected screen, I angled my head to get a better view of the presenter. A balding pate, a face that seemed to smile even he was not, eyes that seemed gentle. The CEO of my new workplace was giving us a peek into his vision as part of … Continue reading An upside down world

Why does it matter to you?

Back at home after a particularly long day at work, I bathed the girls in turn. As I was drying Kay, I heard a stranger's voice from the kitchen below. It turned out to be the handy man who was in to replace our leaky kitchen sink faucet. "She doesn't look anything like you!" the … Continue reading Why does it matter to you?

Hey mom! How are you?

Rushing back to my seat after a mid day break to visit my dentist, I spied this colleague who joined the company around the same time I did. We never really worked together but were loosely part of the same group. From shy smiles we transitioned to waves and talking about the weather over the … Continue reading Hey mom! How are you?

Wish I had known you… then!

Indulging in a FB fix (Yes! I caved!) one evening, I was going through statuses and even more importantly comments to statuses nodding my head in disbelief and sending me years back in thoughts. Sometimes you go to school or are part of a group of people you know superficially. You slot people based on … Continue reading Wish I had known you… then!

Some good, some bad, all memorable

Continuing with the spring purge I started a week back, I attacked my contacts list with gusto knowing full well that I surely was not in touch with the 700 odd people the machine said were on my contacts list. Scanning the list quickly, some names popped out. Some had a vaguely familiar ring to … Continue reading Some good, some bad, all memorable

Out of the mouths of babies

Walking up the short flight of stairs at our local temple with Kay happily perched on my hips, a childish voice rang out behind me "Why is that Indian couple carrying white babies Appa!?". I turned instinctively feeling defensive and amused. There was this little boy all of seven or eight years looking to his … Continue reading Out of the mouths of babies

Midweek musings

Sitting in the darkened room with a single lamp on the writing desk illuminating K's furrowed brows as he tries to get work done, I am enjoying this moment. The babies are asleep in the other room, their rhythmic breathing punctuating the otherwise silent room save the whirring fan and quiet keyboard sounds. It will … Continue reading Midweek musings

It’s all about love

Love you! I exclaimed brightly just as I hung up the phone after talking to my sister to wish her. I sensed a moment of hesitation, an eye roll and a smile as she replied Thank you and not love you back. Sometimes I do it on purpose. Like to my mom, I say Love … Continue reading It’s all about love

Grace comes from being

This past Thursday I got home and was faced with the prospect of 2 hours to kill with no K around. Washing and loading the dishwasher my mind went places I wished it did not. I had a couple of voice mails blinking on the phone. One was from our neighbor wondering if she could … Continue reading Grace comes from being

Something about that place

Walking back from one of my restroom jaunts I was all smiles. Wait! Before your mind goes places, it has nothing to do with anything gross. 🙂 I ran into a colleague turned good friend (Shout out to SP here!) and we ended up chatting a good 15 minutes catching up on the minutiae of … Continue reading Something about that place

Life’s little surprises

Staring intently at my monitor I was startled by a sound behind me. A friend from work stood there obvious in a rush holding out this beauty. He was off even before I could thank him. As I set it in front of me, I realized how little things have a way of brightening up … Continue reading Life’s little surprises

I owe you

Walking down the aisle at my workplace, head bent, eyes focused on the eerie back lit glow of the iPhone, I smiled to myself. A bright blue encircled one stood next to my inbox. There are very few times I expect something and it falls in place. Scanning the email quickly I realized how much … Continue reading I owe you