I croon alongside the radio on the morning drive to drop my toddler at her school. She doesn’t seem to mind the off-key singing and I smile at her reflection in the rearview mirror. The drive back seems lonely even with the radio babbling. I turn the radio off and my mind veers to random … Continue reading Musings

Finding Passion

  “I have to work,” I say unselfconsciously and shut the study door behind me. For weeks now, I have been logging in, answering emails, pursuing writers, cold calling people who are inspirational to come write for us. The actual work of writing emails, talking on the phone, fiddling around with the site layout, editing … Continue reading Finding Passion

On Writing

Writing is personal. Writing is crafting thoughts, giving shape to ideas and letting them loose in the world for it to be held aloft or beaten down. Writing it sharing a piece of yourself with each piece, each word. It is letting yourself be seen uncloaked, unarmored. Writing is being vulnerable. Writing takes courage. Writing … Continue reading On Writing

Working for the love of it

Wrapping up after our hour long weekly status call, three of us huddled over a laptop trying to figure something a colleague had issues with. Two of the three of us were new to this particular paradigm of programming and it fascinated me that the other had dove right in and was making progress. On … Continue reading Working for the love of it