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My watch shows 3:57:03. I should be in the study anxiously poring over my presentation one last time. Instead, butterflies in my stomach I watch through the window as the school bus rolls past our home. Just as I am to turn and walk away, I notice my Amma looking diminutive from the other side […]

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Musings, Navarathri

Shakthi And Santas

It is late at night. Crumpled paavadais dot my bed, the blouses discarded a few paces away. Green and red metal bangles lie in a heap on the side table. I feel a frisson of irritation begin and I crush it before it can rise and fill my being. Instead of cleaning up, I stand […]

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Festivals, Musings, Navarathri

Of Light, Love and Joys

I walk quickly down the stairs, pausing only to switch the lights on in the basement. The house is unnaturally quiet. The kids are in bed and Saathi rocking Laddu to sleep. The LED string lights are almost invisible under the glare of the overhead recess fixtures. I look around. There are brown bags clustered on […]

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Bangles, Dolls and Lessons Learned

We worked in tandem, Saathi and I, assembling our Golu Padi. I held the wooden frame while he drilled, hammered and brought it all together. Ammu and Pattu hovered around, stepped on toes and whizzed around in the swivel chairs. Laddu orbited around all of us sometimes chasing a ball and other times digging in […]

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