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No middle ground

Running behind Kay in the crowded space that was my brother’s home celebrating my niece’s birthday, I passed a girl whose face looked familiar. Smiling in my rush, I continued on and finally caught Kay before she put her hand in the trash can. Scooping her up, I looked for a space to rest my […]

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Memories of a distant past

Revelling in the fact that we had internet, phone and TV after a 3 day hiatus, I eagerly checked voicemail. After sorting through cold marketing calls, a note from my doc office reminding me of an appointment, I was left with one from strange number from New York. Wondering who it could be I played […]

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Things we take for granted

Looking outside the tinted glass windows at work, I saw that the storm had passed and the sun was breaking through the clouds. Leaving a tad earlier than usual, I had a smile playing on my lips that comes from doing something impulsive. I noticed traffic seemed heavier than usual. Thirty minutes later, on a […]

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Craving change

A little past 8:00 PM with kids in bed, Amma and sis out for a walk and K was cutting vegetables. I stood by the sink and looked at the semi filled dishwasher and felt a wave of resentment wash over me. Suddenly everything felt old. I had this incredible urge to just throw away […]

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Back to school and loving it!

Yesterday evening saw me back in a familiar tiered classroom seated in the last but one row¬† wondering who would sit next to me. Reaching a good half hour early, I helped myself to Pizza and soda that is a staple for the first day of term. Hugging and catching up with my classmates, I […]

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Yet another myth shattered!

Ambling along in a leisurely fashion around my block pushing the tandem stroller with Kay and Cee in it late yesterday evening, I enjoyed the quietness of dusk and the warmth of the setting sun. Kay and Cee seemed to be lost in the glory of the everyday beauty surrounding them as well. Smiling to […]

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