Our Adoption Story

It was late night one Thursday in January that a number flashed on our home phone that was strange and familiar at the same time. You see, only a month before that call we were very close to bringing a baby home that did not happen at the last moment. Understandably I was very upset as … Continue reading Our Adoption Story

No middle ground

Running behind Kay in the crowded space that was my brother's home celebrating my niece's birthday, I passed a girl whose face looked familiar. Smiling in my rush, I continued on and finally caught Kay before she put her hand in the trash can. Scooping her up, I looked for a space to rest my … Continue reading No middle ground

Memories of a distant past

Revelling in the fact that we had internet, phone and TV after a 3 day hiatus, I eagerly checked voicemail. After sorting through cold marketing calls, a note from my doc office reminding me of an appointment, I was left with one from strange number from New York. Wondering who it could be I played … Continue reading Memories of a distant past

Things we take for granted

Looking outside the tinted glass windows at work, I saw that the storm had passed and the sun was breaking through the clouds. Leaving a tad earlier than usual, I had a smile playing on my lips that comes from doing something impulsive. I noticed traffic seemed heavier than usual. Thirty minutes later, on a … Continue reading Things we take for granted

Craving change

A little past 8:00 PM with kids in bed, Amma and sis out for a walk and K was cutting vegetables. I stood by the sink and looked at the semi filled dishwasher and felt a wave of resentment wash over me. Suddenly everything felt old. I had this incredible urge to just throw away … Continue reading Craving change

Back to school and loving it!

Yesterday evening saw me back in a familiar tiered classroom seated in the last but one row  wondering who would sit next to me. Reaching a good half hour early, I helped myself to Pizza and soda that is a staple for the first day of term. Hugging and catching up with my classmates, I … Continue reading Back to school and loving it!

Yet another myth shattered!

Ambling along in a leisurely fashion around my block pushing the tandem stroller with Kay and Cee in it late yesterday evening, I enjoyed the quietness of dusk and the warmth of the setting sun. Kay and Cee seemed to be lost in the glory of the everyday beauty surrounding them as well. Smiling to … Continue reading Yet another myth shattered!

Just saying

I have mulled over my identity many times on here in the past. It is one of those recurring themes in my subconscious. Sometime in the past few weeks, K pinged me in IM. "you write well" he said simply. No explanations or reasoning behind the statement. It struck me how much I valued his … Continue reading Just saying

A mighty fine daddy!

Da-da-dada-da! trickles a voice floating down the balcony filling up the kitchen and in turn my heart making me go all mushy. I hear happy shrieks and giggles follow your voice and I know upstairs there are three beings who are in a state of complete bliss in each other's company. Sometimes you are with … Continue reading A mighty fine daddy!

Wanna make some rasam?

A bunch of us got together talking about our nascent immigrant experiences and thus was born the idea for some 'rasam for the soul'. Check out Mia's post to catch up on how this got started. That got me thinking. What ingredient would I be? Perungayam aka Hing aka Asafoetida of course! Why? Well! Growing … Continue reading Wanna make some rasam?

A tradition I have come to treasure

Every year UL family and ours make a trip to the temple followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant. There is nothing fancy or splashy about our temple or restaurant choice, yet every year I look forward to this simple ritual. An offering of thanks to the almighty for the blessings we have and a … Continue reading A tradition I have come to treasure

That’s why I stand outside the door

Wiping Cee's snotty nose, I glanced at the clock. 8:42 AM. Wanting to be out and on my way and torn with guilt at watching my poor mom bend painfully to feed the kutties, I gave up. Dropping my bag, I took the bottle of baby food and shoved huge spoonfuls into two unwilling mouths. Dropping … Continue reading That’s why I stand outside the door

Cypress Pearl Green. Evergreen.

I laid eyes on her nine years ago in the dead of the night. The following morning pulling at the seatbelt for the first time ever, I sat in the passenger seat a proud bride beside her newly wedded husband. We drove to ShopRite on what was our first every grocery shopping of our married … Continue reading Cypress Pearl Green. Evergreen.

A little further. A little harder.

Brushing my teeth before bed, strange thoughts ran amuck in my head. I was thinking about this post I wrote a few days back. I kept coming back to the word apology. Do regrets equal apology? I did not think so. There are so many things I said or did that I regret but not … Continue reading A little further. A little harder.

Underappreciated and overwhelmed

I woke up to the sounds of Amma bustling in the kitchen. The dishwasher was being unloaded, the microwave humming and the cooker hissing in the background. Stretching lazily, I also heard sounds of one of the twins waking. Ignoring any temptation to snooze for a few more minutes, I jumped out of bed to … Continue reading Underappreciated and overwhelmed

Q & A: The rest of them.

How is it to manage two kids at home? I mean they are so young.. is it very difficult? Well! It definitely was a huge change going from being a couple to parents of twin toddlers in a week. The first few weeks are a blur. We just went with the flow letting the kids … Continue reading Q & A: The rest of them.

Too much information?

Lakshmi asked: How did you convince yourself to share so much of your private life with all, I mean EVERY ONE? Ever struggle with it at all? I admire you – its not easy to do it. I have to admit this question took me by surprise. Not so because it is so pointed but … Continue reading Too much information?

Q&A: R2I or not?

Anonymouse asked: Have you all decided to live here in USA for the rest of your life and do you ever think about going back to India? Well! like every desi (almost) I have met here in the US, I have thought and still think about this. In the first few years here, the answer … Continue reading Q&A: R2I or not?

Nine and counting

You stand by the doorway one hand on the door, shooting lingering glances at our daughters. You bend down one more time to kiss them good-bye before you leave for work. I watch as you reluctantly close the door behind you giving me a quick nod as you go down the stairs. I hear the … Continue reading Nine and counting

Doing away with the rose tints

10:30 PM - Call it a day 11:30 PM - Sounds of Cee crying. Wonder if I should let her cry it out. 11:35 PM - Pick Cee up from her crib and bring her back to my room. 11:45 PM - Cee looks sleepy and ready to go back. Kay wakes up crying 11:47 … Continue reading Doing away with the rose tints

If I were…

I picked this tag from Preeti for two reasons. I am hard pressed for time today and the prompt at NaBloPoMo was not something I fancied. It is true I could have wracked my brain to come up with something original but am saving that for other days when I have to. 🙂 If I … Continue reading If I were…