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Mother’s Day: Gratitude

Pattu enters through the garage, her backpack sliding off her shoulder and her right hand clutching a patterned paper bag. I reach out for it and she holds back, her smile leaking through her eyes. She hands me her backpack instead and heads right for her room. Ammu walks in next and brushes past me […]

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What I Want For Mother’s Day

I am at the sink rinsing out the small steel cups that are smeared with guacamole. “It could have used a little more salt and lime juice,” says Saathi taking his time with his share. “Amma makes the best home made guac…” trails off Ammu. I am smiling. In the weeks Saathi was away, the […]

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Mother's Day, Musings

Mother’s Day – Gifts and Guilt

“World’s best mom!” declares the decorated frame on door leading from the garage. Childish scribbles proclaim love. I smile each time I pass the door, occasionally lingering to touch the hearts made from red marker. Exhaustion and an irritation that has been building through the day escapes through a fissure caused when I open the […]

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Reflections on Mother’s Day

“Describe Amma” I coax Pattu in an effort to catch her off guard. “Amma loves me” she answers even as she furrows her brow working on her mother’s day card. “What do you like best about Amma?” I persist She thinks for a moment before answering and without lifting her head says “Hula-hooping” I smile and […]

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One year of (s)mothering

Dear Ammu and Pattu, This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It will mark one more year of (s)mothering you with love and food. One year of worrying about potty training you and feeling elated when you graduated to underpants. One year of you sleeping all by yourself in your own bed. One year of eating by […]

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Moving from the outside to the inside

“Happy First Mother’s day!” said a couple of messages on A link to a customized video in my inbox and two round cherubic bald faces wished me first thing this morning. I have had so many thoughts run through my head in the run up to today. While I struggled to express what I felt […]

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