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Parenting: A Guilt Trap?

It was 1:30 PM, that time of the day when I prioritize napping over everything else when the phone rang. The caller id flashed a familiar number. I paused, considered letting it go to voicemail and then picked it up. We spoke about a great number of things but the bulk of our conversation was […]

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Birds, Bees And Uncomfortable Conversations

I wear my clothes, my mind on other things, frowning at the mirror as I do. I notice Ammu behind me. I continue to get dressed as she watches, curious, unrepentant. “Why do you wear that?” she asks I pause, unsure where I should direct the conversation. “For support,” I say and leave it at […]

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Birthday Musings

Ammu nuzzles my cheek with her nose, throws her arms around my neck, kisses me and flits off to do whatever it is she is occupied with at the moment. Today she is working on a school project. There are sticky notes all over the place. She painstakingly colors the first American flag and sketches […]

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Imperfect Love

My hand shakes a bit as I shape the batter on the sizzling tawa resulting in an imperfect heart. I try to fix it and end up making it misshapen. I dot the edges with ghee and feel frustration overwhelm me. The clock reads 8:16 AM. Six minutes before the bus will trundle past my […]

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