Lessons learnt… so far.

A little over a week since the girls started daycare. Reviewing the past ten days, this is what I have learned. Jotting it down here as a record for posterity. 1. Kutties have figured out that this is for the long haul and their faces change as soon as they see the school building. 2. … Continue reading Lessons learnt… so far.

Midweek musings

Sitting in the darkened room with a single lamp on the writing desk illuminating K's furrowed brows as he tries to get work done, I am enjoying this moment. The babies are asleep in the other room, their rhythmic breathing punctuating the otherwise silent room save the whirring fan and quiet keyboard sounds. It will … Continue reading Midweek musings

Slowing down

I know I have been lax with posting on here. It shows in the dwindling stats on my site stats and the fewer posts each month on my sitemap. More importantly I hear no end of it from Amma. I guess it is one of those phases in life when other things take priority. While … Continue reading Slowing down

A question of being ready

Sitting in our rather large dining room at our workplace after work yesterday, I found I was the first to arrive for a four hour CPR/AED certification class offered by the American Red Cross and sponsored by our workplace. Soon the rest of the group arrived. A grand total of 7 students and one instructor. … Continue reading A question of being ready

Bubbles. And life.

Often when watching people blow bubbles I am fascinated. I watch intently as the bubble takes shape almost fervently praying it should be perfect and I heave a sigh of relief when it floats away charming the world around it. I could watch bubbles form and perish for hours on end. Often the thoughts that … Continue reading Bubbles. And life.

The promise of summer

Walking out the door of my home today, I was hit with a sharp nip in the air. Despite being layered, it woke me from the half sleep state I was in as I ambled through my morning. Whistling a tune to myself I got in the car and realized with a start that summer … Continue reading The promise of summer

Little Miss Sunshine

OK. Not little but still sunshiny. I did wake up in good spirits this morning. Did my bit to infect my co-workers and now at my job with energy. What a difference attitude makes! Perhaps its the fact I will be seeing my sister this evening? Perhaps its that the weekend is around the corner. … Continue reading Little Miss Sunshine

Do it now!

If you have been missing coming over here to find something new to read or shake your head at how boring I can be, I hear ya! Over the past few weeks, I have felt a fog descend on me suppressing all creative urges. There are so many things I want to write about but can't … Continue reading Do it now!

Rooting for the underdog?

Why do we do that? As K sat totally involved in the Federer - Roddick Wimbledon final and rooting for Roddick to win, I couldn't help wondering what is it in us that makes us want to root for the underdog? Each time I raise this question I get the standard response "for a good … Continue reading Rooting for the underdog?

Why Ten? Cos Apar says so!

Apar tagged me a couple of weeks back asking me to link up ten of my favorite songs in my native tongue, Hindi and English. At least that is how I understood it. I am most definitely not going to list 30 here but thought I will take this up so I can look back … Continue reading Why Ten? Cos Apar says so!

Frivolous Friday

I seem to 'know' more people at work all of a sudden I enjoy driving to work I look forward to going to class early just so I can chat with my classmates I am having a great time with Amma at home I have genuine well wishers in my virtual friends from around the … Continue reading Frivolous Friday

Writing prompts

Each day as I sip Kaapi, shower or drive to work, my mind is looking for bloggable topics. Incidents that embed themselves into my brain. Some days I get lucky like Tuesday when I got stuck in the snow. Some other days, there is nothing eventful happening. Then one day I get lucky. Browsing randomly … Continue reading Writing prompts

Go Noop Dawg!

Working on my Econ homework half-heartedly I switched on the TV to tune into American Idol. With classes on Tuesdays, I can't really follow this season as much I did the past ones. My mom however, seems to have taken to the show and mentioned there was an Indian looking guy who made it to … Continue reading Go Noop Dawg!

Waiting for that call

All over the weekend as I entertained people at home and worked through my paper or watched the Super Bowl cheering for the underdogs, there was a part of me eyeing the phone, willing for it to ring. But ring it did not. As Amma kept asking if K called. I replied my mouth set … Continue reading Waiting for that call

Nice person with a beautiful smile!

Reading our company newsletter I saw one of my co-workers was celebrating his birthday tomorrow. Everyone by now knows my fetish for birthdays so, I sent out a note wishing him a happy, happy birthday. I promptly received a thank you note with a little extra. "Without a doubt you are one of the nicest … Continue reading Nice person with a beautiful smile!