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Lessons learnt… so far.

A little over a week since the girls started daycare. Reviewing the past ten days, this is what I have learned. Jotting it down here as a record for posterity. 1. Kutties have figured out that this is for the long haul and their faces change as soon as they see the school building. 2. […]

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Midweek musings

Sitting in the darkened room with a single lamp on the writing desk illuminating K’s furrowed brows as he tries to get work done, I am enjoying this moment. The babies are asleep in the other room, their rhythmic breathing punctuating the otherwise silent room save the whirring fan and quiet keyboard sounds. It will […]

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Mobile Me?

Having downloaded the WordPress app for the iPhone, i had to test it out of course. 🙂 So, if this works I could be blogging on the move.

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Slowing down

I know I have been lax with posting on here. It shows in the dwindling stats on my site stats and the fewer posts each month on my sitemap. More importantly I hear no end of it from Amma. I guess it is one of those phases in life when other things take priority. While […]

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A question of being ready

Sitting in our rather large dining room at our workplace after work yesterday, I found I was the first to arrive for a four hour CPR/AED certification class offered by the American Red Cross and sponsored by our workplace. Soon the rest of the group arrived. A grand total of 7 students and one instructor. […]

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Bubbles. And life.

Often when watching people blow bubbles I am fascinated. I watch intently as the bubble takes shape almost fervently praying it should be perfect and I heave a sigh of relief when it floats away charming the world around it. I could watch bubbles form and perish for hours on end. Often the thoughts that […]

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