COVID-19 Diaries: Changing Ways of Life

Photo by chepté cormani on Today, I pulled the plug on our landline. A number we have had since 2001. A number that has followed us through three moves, seen three babies and been a constant across multiple job changes and career changes. The landline has been like a recalcitrant child, acting up, refusing … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: Changing Ways of Life

Milestone: Fifth Grade Graduation

For the last day of the school year, today did not seem any different from the three months preceding this. When the school decided to close on March 13th, there were no goodbyes, no last day pictures, no walkouts to cheering children, no teary-eyed parents waiting in the wings to ferry their children to douse … Continue reading Milestone: Fifth Grade Graduation


Pattu walked down, groggy with sleep, sleepiness a cloud around her face. I turned to hold her and then pushed her away to go brush. “Amma, did Clinton win?” I did not look at her choosing instead to saute cauliflower, the hot pan sizzling and steaming, obscuring not just my tears. “No Pattu, Trump won. … Continue reading Fear


I wrap up a conversation with a friend. A person I knew well once. The conversation is banter, devoid of deeper questions and answers. I close the window and melancholy sets in. I wish I had tarried. I wished I had probed into repartees that I knew begged for more questions. I look at the … Continue reading Vestiges

Feeling blue

This week has been strangely restless. I feel this acute sense of aging and life rushing past me. I feel caught between feeling regrets for the things that can't be and an indifference to what lies ahead. While I know this is just in my head sometimes it begs of me to be written somewhere. … Continue reading Feeling blue

Then and now

Photographs have a way of making me melancholy. I look at pictures from my past and relive the moment the picture was taken. Sitting on my desk at work is a picture of my dad in his blue collared tee shirt with red horizontal stripes spaced wide apart. He has a nice smile and his … Continue reading Then and now