It’s over. Finally!

Just like that as I sat slouched on the sofa a book in hand revelling in the peace that reigned in the household at the moment, a tiny ding followed by a buzz happened. Caught between turning the page on the thriller I held in hand and an urge to find out what email had … Continue reading It’s over. Finally!

When will I grow up?

Yesterday was the first day back in class. Well technically school started last week but the prof. was away on a conference and so we did the class online. So, walking into the now all too familiar classroom, I surprised myself by the variety of emotions I felt. There were some people I saw and … Continue reading When will I grow up?

New horizons

Last Friday went past in a blur that included working on a presentation, presenting it and heading out to a reception where the winners were announced. Circling the room with my tray of veggies and dip, I met some nice people, conversed for conversation sakes and clapped till my hands ached. As the winners went … Continue reading New horizons

Ahh! The joys of being irresponsible.

Yup. It's done finally. I mean the Spring term of my course. I have a mini break of a week before I start the Summer term. I woke up today feeling giggly and happy for no reason. Then I remembered. I have no exam to study for. No paper due. No reading up to do. … Continue reading Ahh! The joys of being irresponsible.

So, this is what they do!

Yesterday was last day of class for Marketing with the paper due next week. As we listened to the Prof. summarize the term for us, my mind was already racing ahead in the future wondering if ever I will get to apply these concepts at work. We got done early and the college was sponsoring … Continue reading So, this is what they do!

Dinner and a movie equals learning the fun way

Ploughing my way through lunch, I look at the printed sheets that lay scattered in front of me. One is a schematic and the other a list of questions for discussion. I put them away and I am eager for the day to be done. Tonight is a dinner and movie night in class. Admittedly, … Continue reading Dinner and a movie equals learning the fun way

Dark recesses of the mind

These past few days have been unbelievably hectic. At work, at school. So, as I worked against time to get my paper done for tonight's class, I kept running into mental blocks. The very nature of this course makes it subjective. It is all about me. I am the star in all my papers. It … Continue reading Dark recesses of the mind

Back to the basics

Legs tucked in comfortably, a throw keeping me warm, I pored over my Essentials of Economics textbook. Papers and printouts strewn all around me. I felt lost, helpless and sleepy. A good decade and half after I thought the days of cramming were over, I am at it again. Don't mistake me. I have been … Continue reading Back to the basics

Butterflies, Brickbats and Bouquets

Clearing up my desk at 4:30, I was a nervous mess. I had the one slide I was presenting printed out,  neat handmade notes to go with the slide and yet was so unsure of everything I had on there. No. this was not some client presentation on which $$$ hinged. It was to be … Continue reading Butterflies, Brickbats and Bouquets

Back to school!

Few things are as exciting as back to school after a break. Rushing to get ready for work, I laid out not too casual clothes and debated between a slip on shoe and my new black ones. Picking up my bag I noticed K had kept my car keys right where I would look for … Continue reading Back to school!

End of term, Secret Santa, Karthigai Deepam and so on…

Yesterday I walked out of class knowing I was free from studies for three weeks. I do not have to worry about articles waiting to be read, discussions to prepare for or case studies to review. I also realized while one term was done, there are seven to go. The enormity of what I have … Continue reading End of term, Secret Santa, Karthigai Deepam and so on…

Over my head

Sitting in class on Tuesday as the Professor explained in great detail how to create journal entries for transactions, I was way out of my league. I felt lost, bewildered and overwhelmed. As is the case when I feel I am the only one who is struggling, I looked around for support. Finding everyone intently … Continue reading Over my head

All done!

Hopefully the last of diary like posts but wanted to put this one as a recap of the past couple of days for myself to read later as well and think "Well! I survived that!.." All Saturday saw our group huddled in our conference room laptops popped open, heaps of printouts spread on the table, … Continue reading All done!

Are some things fated to happen?

Two years back bitten by the academia bug I made an appointment with Penn State Student counselors to figure out if I had enough credentials to take up a Masters program at their suburban campus. The lady who met with me looked at my transcripts and degree and waved breezily in the air remarking that … Continue reading Are some things fated to happen?