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State Of The Union – Sixteen Years

I watch him squint in the twilight, his face looking bare without glasses. “Can you read this?” he holds a tiny molded toy (Tsum Tsum for the initiated). I look at it in turn and give it back. I can barely see anything. “Made in China,” he reads and looks at me expectantly. I stare […]

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Turning A Page

It is late afternoon, it is already dark outside. I am not showered yet. The twins are crooning to songs from Moana. The youngest and the husband are still napping. It is the first day of the New Year. I feel like I should be doing something to mark it. Go shower, rinse away the […]

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The year in review

The end of the year brings with it nostalgia. For the days gone past and the milestones left behind. Each year as I stare down the end of December, I give in to a personal ritual. One of reading my posts from the beginning of the year. Re-living the moments, the angst, the happiness, the […]

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The year that was: The little big things

Each year in the last weeks of December, I dredge out old forgotten memories, haunt my blog and reflect on the months past. I travel back in time to the January that started with so much promise and pause to think if the year lived up to it. I gear myself mentally for the year […]

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Reflections on the years past

As we turn the corner into December and watch the end of the year loom larger ahead, reflections on the year(s) passed creep into my head. It starts slowly. A sense of gratitude sneaks in along with the twinkling lights at night. The chill outside seems to edge the temperatures higher inside me. I feel […]

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