Election Day 2020

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com It hits me in waves through the day, this notion that we are living through History. This year, this election, this place that America has in the world, it all comes to what happens today and in the weeks following. Four years ago, I was buoyant. I was hopefully that … Continue reading Election Day 2020

COVID-19 Diaries: Decluttering

I took Friday and today off ostensibly to figure out a schooling plan for the children. My intentions were in the right place. Birthday plans consumed Friday. The weekend was grunt work: grinding batter, laundry, groceries, and just everyday things. Today, however, I decided to tackle the girl’s bedrooms. Growing up, I was the child … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: Decluttering

Notes From A Newly Minted Working Woman

I survey the place around me from my elevated perch. I am on the elliptical chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam while pushing my body to do more, to sweat more. Laddu walks down from the bed. Her hair is mussed, her face unwashed and sticky from sleep. She lazes on the sofa before me. The twins are … Continue reading Notes From A Newly Minted Working Woman

Big Little Things

The clock is yet to strike 8:00 am. The twins and Saathi have left for school and work. Laddu is still at the island dipping her coin dosais in a mix of thayir and chutney and savoring each morsel. I make my round picking up coffee mugs, discarded plates, and crumbs on the floor. A … Continue reading Big Little Things

Equal Not Same

Laddu and I are at the library. She sports her gingerbread man shaped name tag with pride. Her eyes are bright, curious and taking everything in. The diminutive lady running the pre-k program at the library recognizes her even though it is only her second time there. The little table in front of us has … Continue reading Equal Not Same

Can’t Stop This Feeling

Justin Timberlake croons on the radio and I really can’t stop the feeling coursing through my body. I am happy. Happy in the way a child is. I smile as I fold clothes. The sun is out. My children are in school. My kitchen is clean. I even dance like nobody is watching. Late last … Continue reading Can’t Stop This Feeling

The Moon Is A Taco And Other Things

I am clearing up the crumbs from breakfast when Pattu’s clear voice calls out to me from beyond the patio door. I take my time, finishing up what I am doing before I walk. She holds up her boogie board, a line drawing that looks suspiciously like an advertisement for a fast food chain. “That’s … Continue reading The Moon Is A Taco And Other Things

You Are Not Alone

“What is on your mind?” exhorts Facebook when I turn to my phone in a moment of despair “Craptastic (pun intended)” I type and then backspace, watching each letter and my life disappear into an unseen void. My fingers are smudged with dosa batter drying into a white powder that flakes off as my hands … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

Sisters, Forever.

They sit side by side, their blonde locks sticking up with the static in the air. They leave a trail of hats, winter jackets, gloves and scarfs from the door to the kitchen. I lay their school bags between them and me, a buffer that gives me time to really wake from my nap and … Continue reading Sisters, Forever.

They Will Be Okay

It is raining, a miserable grey day punctuated with bouts of soggy wet rain, the kind that does not let up and instead drips all day filling the air with the indescribable smell of things disintegrating and returning to its elemental forms. The alarm goes off and I hit the pause button on the episodes … Continue reading They Will Be Okay

Empathy, Not Discipline

It was the week before the 2016-17 school year began. The Friday before first day of school, I sat on a folding chair at the elementary school, a pink paisley purse by my side, watching the office manager answer the phone, jest around with the teachers and smile at me. I could hear the deep … Continue reading Empathy, Not Discipline

Thoughts On Stay At Home Parenthood

Laddu is on her chair, the booster seat enabling to see the food in front of her. Saathi and I are across from each other, eating and sharing notes on the day. Her hands reach out for morsels, her eyes are bright and she is a full participant at dinner. I watch her haggle and … Continue reading Thoughts On Stay At Home Parenthood

Little People Observations

“Why do people spit and throw trash on the road Amma? We should teach them not to.” “Why do they keep asking us for our names Amma?” “Why does everyone keep touching our hair Amma?” “So many vehicles on the road is hurting Mother Earth Amma, why don’t people ride bikes or scooter?” If I … Continue reading Little People Observations

Letters To My Daughters: Life Lessons

Dear Ammu, Pattu and Laddu, Over the years I have written many little notes to you. Some were on post-its that found their way to trash the next day. Some have been on my blog which talk about you at a specific age. Some are birthday wishes. Some are celebrations of milestones. Today however, I … Continue reading Letters To My Daughters: Life Lessons

Growing Up

"I am off to read my book..." She waves the book in her hand as I look quizically. My maternal instincts are screaming something is off. "Are you taking the iPad with you?" I ask, eyes scanning for evidence. She holds out her hands which hold the hard bound copy of Charlotte's Web. I smile, … Continue reading Growing Up

Setting Yourself Up For Success

I trawl through my twitter feed, religiously liking posts I want to revisit and emailing myself links I want to read later. Before I call it a night, I pull up certain people I follow to see if they have words of wisdom as it pertains to writing. I log off with a smug satisfaction … Continue reading Setting Yourself Up For Success