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Growing Up

I pass Laddu’s bedroom en route to mine. A cutout of a rainbow is taped to her door. The door is closed. It bothers me but I can’t quite figure out why. I straighten the bed in Pattu’s room. All around me are signs of disorganization. I sigh and look up. On the ceiling right […]

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Bringing Home Puppy

“We should adopt a dog,” I say enthusiastically returning home from a lunch with a friend and pet parent. I go on to recount in painful detail how Toby the golden retriever serenaded me with his toys and later settled down with me on the sofa petting me with his paw. We all had a […]

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Life, Musings

Life is short

As the hot water from the shower washed over me, shrieks of laughter trickled in from the bedroom where Ammani and Pattani ran around dodging their Appa. It is Sunday I realized wistfully. Where did the weekend go? As I walked out I was greeted by smiles and hugs like I had been away a […]

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