A Wish And A Wisp

Walking around the house while the rasam bubbled merrily on the stove, I decided to scroll through my contact list for a particular person. As I scrolled I realized with increasing horror that I had over a thousand entries. Sure a few were duplicate but a vast majority were relics from my past. Figuring I […]

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Warning: Hurt feelings ahead

“If you hurt my feelings one more time…” Pattu looks at Ammu with threatening eyes. Ammu replies hardly looking up from her coloring book “I hurt your feelings already. I hurt you first!” Saathi and I grin across the dining table and file these conversations to retold and enjoyed years later. My mind however is […]

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Losses: People on pedestals

Sometimes in life, a realization so startling occurs when you least expect it. Like when you are in the shower or when you are mid sentence talking about inane things. Sometimes it is triggered by memories. Today’s Writing 101 prompt at Daily post is about a three-part series. It asks you to talk about losses. […]

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