The Value Of An Education

I lay sprawled arms stretched on the carpeted floor that could do with a good vacuum with the ceiling fan sluggishly moving the air around. Saathi with his day old beard sat at the study table paying bills and checking items off his to-do list. A list that had considerably grown since our two week … Continue reading The Value Of An Education

Sibling Relationships

I sweep up the crumbs from breakfast, noting an oily patch on the island. I run a rag through it, squint and figure that will have to do until Saathi decides it is not. Tiny lego pieces are littered at my feet. I mutter under my breath as I pick them up and toss them … Continue reading Sibling Relationships

Life Is Beautiful

I stand at the doorway watching my husband of fifteen years slide into the driver’s seat. Our eyes meet above the roof of the car for a few seconds. “Life is beautiful!” he says as he disappears behind the metal and glass. “Life is beautiful!” I repeat to myself as I stand there lost in … Continue reading Life Is Beautiful

With Age Come Pragmatism

I check my email as I head upstairs for my shower. The inbox remains stubbornly empty. I put the phone on the night stand by my bed and head into the bathroom. I am pleasantly surprised by my lack of disappointment. By nature I am impatient. If I am waiting for a response, it haunts … Continue reading With Age Come Pragmatism

My NaNoWriMo Experience

Each year, thousands of people around the world commit to writing 1667 words each day for the entire month of November. The idea behind that being, you will end up with a 50,000 word manuscript in one month. For years, I have been toying with the idea of writing. I kept telling myself I will … Continue reading My NaNoWriMo Experience

Bangles, Dolls and Lessons Learned

We worked in tandem, Saathi and I, assembling our Golu Padi. I held the wooden frame while he drilled, hammered and brought it all together. Ammu and Pattu hovered around, stepped on toes and whizzed around in the swivel chairs. Laddu orbited around all of us sometimes chasing a ball and other times digging in … Continue reading Bangles, Dolls and Lessons Learned

Lessons learnt… so far.

A little over a week since the girls started daycare. Reviewing the past ten days, this is what I have learned. Jotting it down here as a record for posterity. 1. Kutties have figured out that this is for the long haul and their faces change as soon as they see the school building. 2. … Continue reading Lessons learnt… so far.

They came. They saw. They cleaned.

For the second time in five years, I had a cleaning service come home to flush out the dirt and dust I had accumulated in my personal pixie's absence. They showed up at the door at 8:00 AM sharp. Four of them went to work in different corners of the house and in two hours … Continue reading They came. They saw. They cleaned.