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Thank You For Coming To My TED Talk

“Thank you for coming to my TED talk!” I almost laugh out loud as my inner voice makes this statement in my head. Most mornings, I am on the elliptical walking at a moderate pace while my thoughts and ideas jump from place to place. One day I imagine my book signing. I let my […]

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Trip Report: Adoption Retreat AKA Lessons Learned

I returned yesterday after three days of intellectual high from being amid amazing people. This afternoon after I finally managed to get an hour to myself I realized while I have been sharing snippets from the trip on my various social media sites, I haven’t really sat down to process the many things that the […]

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Little People Observations

“Why do people spit and throw trash on the road Amma? We should teach them not to.” “Why do they keep asking us for our names Amma?” “Why does everyone keep touching our hair Amma?” “So many vehicles on the road is hurting Mother Earth Amma, why don’t people ride bikes or scooter?” If I […]

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