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Wrapping Up

I am in the balcony waiting to capture flying pigeons on my phone when it hits me that this vacation is drawing to a close. The clothes flap above me on lines and the smells of cooking from the adjoining apartment waft my way. I head back to the cool interiors to beat the heat […]

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Little People Observations

“Why do people spit and throw trash on the road Amma? We should teach them not to.” “Why do they keep asking us for our names Amma?” “Why does everyone keep touching our hair Amma?” “So many vehicles on the road is hurting Mother Earth Amma, why don’t people ride bikes or scooter?” If I […]

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The marigold flower swirls and floats to the road as I walk. The purple berries from the nearby tree are purple splotches that dot the landscape. I am back on familiar ground, a place I called home for a good many years. Everything seems just about familiar, yet different enough for me to give pause. […]

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Disconnected. Dispassionate.

The day and date flit around my consciousness not really embedding itself in it. All through this week, I see mentions on Twitter, on Facebook, on the news. I skim through it all, a ghost of a smile playing on my face. I feel compelled to acknowledge, to recognize what it means like I did […]

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Cricket, Cinema and Coffee

Slowly extricating my lifeless arm from under Kay’s head where it had been for the past hour or more, I rolled down from the sofa to the carpeted floor with a soft thud. Picking myself up, adjusting the burgundy throw around Kay, I glanced at Cee fast asleep on the other couch. Finding another throw, […]

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Back at home and loving it

K and I reached home after a short but intense and memorable trip visiting family in India. Splitting our time between Bangalore and Madras, we managed to pack in some shopping, a lot of eating and an one day trip to Mysore as well. It was as all India trips are. Vibrant, loud and cheerful. […]

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Welcome to India!

Landing in the spanking new airport in Bengaluru, K and I hauled our mammoth suitcases to the welcoming arms of K’s bro. Chattering non stop all the way home, I watched the city I loved come to life in the one hour ride home. The two days have been fun. I haven’t stepped out of […]

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The Story Of India

For those interested, PBS has this show that premieres Jan 5th 2009 at 9:00 PM EST that traces the history of India from a very long time ago to now. It is a six part series two of which will be aired back to back tomorrow. More on this can be found here on PBS […]

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When I read articles like this one that appeared on CNN today it irks me no end. Not only because it portrays India in a bad light but because with one generalization, the media paints over a broad spectrum of people. With a country as populous as India, there are bound to be pockets where […]

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