Crossing Cultures

“How do you open this thing?” Laddu’s cry is plaintive as she wrestles with a miniature Hawkins pressure cooker. I show her how to open and close the cooker. Ammu pipes up “Did you have one growing up?” “Never!” I say. My ferocity surprises me though it shouldn’t. I try to explain to her how … Continue reading Crossing Cultures

A Feeling Called Home

It is Sunday afternoon. The overhead fan struggles to stir the air. I am sprawled on my bed watching Laddu sleep. She is sucking on her thumb as her body rises and falls with a rhythm. I should be napping with her but I am awake, alert. I scroll through my timeline on Twitter. It is … Continue reading A Feeling Called Home

Of Samosas Stale and Fresh

A plate of samosas sit in front of me. Steam coils in wisps above the coffee cup dissipating into nothingness. Nursery rhymes play on a loop on my phone. Laddu hums along as she drinks her milk. I pick one of the samosas and feel for a moment how limp it is. I tear a … Continue reading Of Samosas Stale and Fresh

Don’t you look beautiful today?

Don't you look beautiful today? She asked and nodded appreciatively as she passed me on the aisle at work. I was on my way to fill my water bottle and start my day. Since the days are warmer and I feel the lightness of Spring in my step, I usually tend to wear clothes that … Continue reading Don’t you look beautiful today?