The Irrelevance Of Almost Everything

I scan the news. I work. I scan my email. I work. I refresh my Twitter feed as I eat. The stress bands at the base of my neck are back as is a near-constant headache. This time though, I know the cause for the stress, COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. I have watched from afar, in … Continue reading The Irrelevance Of Almost Everything

Disengage. Disconnect. Disavow.

My jaws feel tight. There is an invisible band that stretches ear to ear wrapping around the base of my skull. I massage my jaw. I open and close my mouth like a fish hoping it will loosen that tightness I feel. I walk around coaxing blood flow to my neck. Most days I feel … Continue reading Disengage. Disconnect. Disavow.

A year in review

Sometime this week a year ago, I traded in my full-time job for something more flexible. A stay at home, work at my pace kind of compromise. The past year has been rewarding and in some ways been reshaping my views on financial independence. The first few months were heady. I did not miss the … Continue reading A year in review

Health is wealth

K and I drove with a friend to visit a colleague who was in the hospital after something he ate did not agree with him. While the details of what exactly is wrong with him are murky, seeing him pale and tired in the hospital bed drove home the point how much we take our … Continue reading Health is wealth