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On Being A Mother

I waffled a long time before typing in the title. I kept typing parent, erasing, and keying in mother. Eventually, mother won out because this is just my experience and it is tied to being a mother than a parent. What’s the difference you ask? I define the difference in terms of the load I…

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Ghost Grief

Early today, we received news of a close family member passing. The shock had us silent. We sat in the quiet, each of us processing our feelings in our head. A while later, we reached out to extended family saying words that sounded cliched yet, words we meant with every bit of our hearts. We…

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The words are relentless. They appear on my Twitter feed. They show up in my WhatsApp messages. They sneak into my FB Messenger. Sometimes, they even make their way into my now largely defunct email inbox. Each word, each sentence is a life. It is a friend. It is a friend of a friend. It…

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