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On Letting Myself Be

The smell of chlorine hangs in the air, faint and teasing, a memento from our trip to a local water park. I hang out the swimsuits to dry. The suitcases are unpacked. The children are fast asleep after an exhausting day wading in the kiddie pool, chasing waves, floating on tandem floats, jumping on lily […]

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Of Family Reunions And Impossible Hope

We flew out on Christmas Eve, the five of us, to Florida for a family reunion. One that had been months in planning. One that we had said we wouldn’t join. We left home at 3:30 PM for a 7:30 PM flight. We reached our gate two hours early and then found that the flight […]

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One year of (s)mothering

Dear Ammu and Pattu, This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It will mark one more year of (s)mothering you with love and food. One year of worrying about potty training you and feeling elated when you graduated to underpants. One year of you sleeping all by yourself in your own bed. One year of eating by […]

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Reliving a vacation

I leaned over the balcony facing the road and watched the two fathers and three kids disappear around the bend. The image stuck with me for a long time. The sight of my twins holding their chitappa’s hand and my niece holding my husband’s hand as they watched for traffic to slow before they crossed. […]

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