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Essay: On Loss and, Love

I talk as I walk to the voice on the other end which is a tad weakened as it traverses the eight thousand miles from India to make its way to me. I strain to listen, filling in missed syllables knowing the words she would have used from our years of association. By the time […]

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Life Lessons: Friendships

I make my rounds quickly, wresting iPads from the twin’s hands, grabbing school clothes for the littlest one, clearing clothes lying on the floor and generally making my impatience felt. I plug the iPads into the charger and notice Pattu’s iPad has her messages open. Her friend has sent her something that is the equivalent […]

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Author Interview: L. Ryan Storms

I met Lorraine exactly two years ago today at a Writer’s Conference in Philadelphia. We met on the train to Philadelphia and have been friends since. I have rooted along the sidelines as she wrote and wrote some more. I have cheered her decision to publish her book and shared her gorgeous cover art when […]

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Wind Beneath My Wings

It is late at night, the darkness a cloak that encourages free-ranging discussion and soul-baring. We walk, my friend and I, our steps in sync. We talk about life choices, career choices, being left without choices, making the most of the cards we hold. We talk of finding balance, of discovering peace, whatever that means […]

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YWW: Day Four

Sometimes you spend a couple of days with people and you find the pictures of them you had in your imagination are turned on its head. I went into the workshop with a patchwork of images I had gleaned from their writing. Angsty, Goofy, Raw, Masterful, these were some of the terms that I used […]

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YWW: Day Three

Today was a light day with just the workshop in the morning and then a longish break until faculty readings in the evening. I got to meet with my mentor one on one and we went over my submission. I am still undecided as to how it went but there were so many other things […]

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There is frenzied knocking on my bathroom door followed by incoherent yelling. I turn the shower off and manage to catch part of it. “Can Ammu and I go to our friend L and J’s home? Please? Pretty please?” I am impressed by the depth of feelings that pours out of Pattu’s voice. “No! You […]

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A Rose By Any Other Name

In the past few weeks, my mind has been consumed by thoughts that can only be classified as morbid. Close on the heels of reading “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanidhi and subsequently hearing of the loss of a cousin at a young age, I was driven by a need to distill my thoughts […]

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The Friendship Dynamic

“You have American friends! It is OK for Indians to be friends with Americans?” Pattu is at the kitchen island sipping warm milk with honey when she makes a statement that is posed as a question. Thrown for a loop, I wonder why she is pontificating on deep questions early in the morning. It takes […]

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Insidious Memories

The grated daikon glistens with moisture as I add finely diced green chillies to it. A sprinkle of sea salt and I am ready to make the dough. As I pound and shape the dough, memories seep in. The three of us in the kitchen. One at the stove, the other perched on the counter […]

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The Connectedness of Us

Often I catch myself looking out the window and pondering on the connectedness of us. I think of trains when I do this. I think of us as journeying together toward destinations unknown. We see, we talk, we connect. We share. We hold hands. We let go. I get off or you do. We board […]

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Rainbows near and far

We reached the temple in the late afternoon, the sun playing hide and seek behind rain bearing clouds. Having done our rounds, we found ourselves at the door to the Navagraha sannidhi. Looking up, a rainbow beamed across the sky. Stopping to take pictures, I hurried inside. Falling in step behind my cousin, I walked […]

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Friends. For life.

It is mid afternoon. The kind of day when the sun is out, the bees are buzzing and spiders are dozing in the folds of your blinds. I stood by the sink and wrapped up a conversation with my best friend. Putting the phone back in its holder, I felt cheerful. My mind raced planning […]

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Something Borrowed. Something Convoluted.

I borrowed this book from my neighbor one day last week when I needed a good dose of girlfriend talk. After spending the evening eating bhajias and drinking aam panna, I left for home in the rain, this book clutched to my bosom. It lay on my side table untouched for a couple of days. Then […]

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When it rains, it pours

Last weekend it was UL, this weekend, friends from school. People who knew me from the time when I was a kid literally. People with whom I did not have to worry about making an impression on. Walking by the Hudson river front or crowding around a table loaded with food, we went back in […]

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Under the cover of darkness

Settling in comfortably into cushions that were soft and welcoming, I tucked my legs underneath me and hugged a smaller cushion for warmth while taking in the earnest face across me in the dim lit room deep into the night. This Friday night K and I headed out to the lovely UL’s home for dinner […]

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Wishes from miles away

Bubbly, breezy, she entered my life many, many years back. Till date, when I think of her effervescence is the word that comes to mind. While I wish her a lovely, lovely day and hope the year(s) ahead will be filled with joy for her. I want to share this video that I love and […]

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