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Circles And Bubbles

A few weeks ago, a local community group posted a link to this, an article that exhorted people to give up circles and cliques and form “U”s instead leaving space for the unattached, the lonely and the misfits. Like most articles I read, I nodded along and moved on. The words, however, hung back, murmuring […]

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Author Interview: L. Ryan Storms

I met Lorraine exactly two years ago today at a Writer’s Conference in Philadelphia. We met on the train to Philadelphia and have been friends since. I have rooted along the sidelines as she wrote and wrote some more. I have cheered her decision to publish her book and shared her gorgeous cover art when […]

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Things I Am Grateful For This Year

My phone dings as I walk, interrupting the mellifluous voice of M.S. Subbulakshmi. I ignore the sound and continue walking. The air is chill and my nose is dripping. In the forty minutes that I take to circle the seventy odd homes that comprise my development, I see no other humans. I am home, mildly […]

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Wind Beneath My Wings

It is late at night, the darkness a cloak that encourages free-ranging discussion and soul-baring. We walk, my friend and I, our steps in sync. We talk about life choices, career choices, being left without choices, making the most of the cards we hold. We talk of finding balance, of discovering peace, whatever that means […]

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YWW: Day Five

We sat in a circle around the table, a good twenty-five of us. We took turns reading from our work. A few were dramatic, some understated, a good number poignant. I finished reading knowing I aced it. The afternoon we listened to editors from literary magazines offer up tips. We sat as agents shared dos […]

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Shattered Mirrors And Onions

For years, this scene from a Tamil movie has been stuck in my head, an early precursor of what families are like. Noisy, complicated and messy. The imagery of a shattered mirror to depict fractured relationships has stuck in my mind rising to the fore each time a relationship falls apart from the weight of expectations […]

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