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Yeh Dil maange more

In the early days when the idea of being pregnant was just sinking in, one of my first thoughts was food. Pregnancy myths and stereotypes. I waited for the dreaded morning sickness or all day sickness to take over. I imagined myself feeling revolted by the idea of food. I imagined forcing Saathi to make […]

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Fear to hope and beyond

Sounds of merriment trickled down the stairs as the twins used our bed as a trampoline jumping and landing on their bottoms only to pick themselves up and start all over again. Down a floor below, I stand in front of the burner pan roasting vegetables for our dinner. I scan the stove in front […]

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Family, Feelings, Musings

Food and such

Opening the fridge I stared at containers of batter and assortments of fruits and veggies that crowded every inch of space in there. For a moment my head spun and I forgot what I had opened the fridge for. Pulling out the dosa batter and the packed lunch boxes from the previous night, I set […]

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Intangible joys

Reaching home pretty late after dinner with a girlfriend I was left to whip something up for K who braved the cold and loved me enough to chauffeur me around. Falling back on the standard dhal, chawal subzi routine, I could not wait to lay my hands on my newly acquired Calphalon pan. Pulling it […]

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Food, GoodBye, Memories

A tinge of sadness

Ready to call it a day, I logged into my GMail Account one last time before I shut the laptop and saw an email from a local restaurant. I had signed up for its reward program seven years back. Every year, they sent me a 25$ gift card for my birthday and K and I […]

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