It is just near sunset. The sky is a vibrant orange and purple. I bite into a slice of watermelon I have in my hand, staring out into the yard. The windows are open and there is a delicious chill in the air. It occurs to me that it is fall already. In some convoluted … Continue reading Islands

Awareness Not Celebration

I woke to multiple messages on Whatsapp wishing me a Happy Women’s Day. Thank you I said as I replied to each and focussed my attention on getting the kids ready for school. Past the morning madness, when I reclined on the sofa, Laddu on my shoulder and my phone in one hand, my Twitter … Continue reading Awareness Not Celebration

It is a man’s world

It is a man's world. I sit on the sofa, my baby cooing and gurgling in the bassinet in front of me. A phone conversation happens in the kitchen that I hear snippets of. I hear laughter and gossip. I hear recipes being exchanged. Then I hear something that makes me sit up. "Penn porandhapla … Continue reading It is a man’s world

Feminism. Hmm!

I sat on the recliner, laptop perched on my lap, glasses sliding to the tip of my nose, watching with bated breath as the stock markets opened for the day. It was my first day home after I switched to part-time. Amma bustled around the kitchen looking irritably at me as I sat un-budging. Why … Continue reading Feminism. Hmm!

Spreading the love – one pink chaddi at a time

Logging on to Google Reader, I saw many on my list link back to the Pink Chaddi Campaign. I was intrigued by the name and read on to nod my head in agreement and smile with amusement. I will definitely raise a toast to Indian Women this Saturday. As far as the pink chaddi goes, … Continue reading Spreading the love – one pink chaddi at a time