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Simple joys

  We step out in the darkness, a distant light reflecting off the puddle of water in the middle of our driveway. We skirt around it and walk leisurely out to the road. It is past nine in the evening. The lamp-posts in front of each home emits a dull glow. Fireflies wink in and […]

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Daddy Daughter Wars

It starts innocuously enough. I steam the rice on high, fluff it with a fork and set it on the island. “Are you sure they can eat it without yogurt?” You ask, the demand hidden behind the question. I acquiescence my head demurring. I set the two bowls out and your dad rounds the two of you up and […]

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I slide my feet off the bed crunching the palm a couple of times before encasing them in slippers. My eyes are blurry from all the crustiness that accumulate when you have had too little sleep. I splash cold water and in a sequence that can almost be automated, brush my teeth, dry my face […]

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Kindred spirits

I packed away my earphones, grabbed the umbrella remembering the thunder shower warnings and gave the front seats of my car a last glance before I locked and walked away. Waiting for the elevator, I noticed a gentleman unloading his trunk of a pack of water bottles and mini cupcakes. Potluck breakfast I thought as […]

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A break in the clouds

Three weeks after K is back, we are finally back to what I call a well oiled domestic schedule. I pretty much gave up on all the stuff I was doing as soon as K was back. K on the other hand was mentally still in vacation mode and refused to take charge. So our […]

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Pasta Upma – A different spin on pasta and upma

Background: I make this when I am tired of the regular varieties of upma that cannot handle masala all that well. This is also a good way to use leftover pasta. This recipe is versatile and lends itself to many variations. Stuff you will need: 1 cup pasta (penne/fusili/macaroni/shells) – boiled, drained 2 tsp oil […]

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