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COVID-19 Diaries: Pockets Of Happy

I woke with throbbing pain behind my right eye, the premonition of a raging migraine for later in the day. I powered on, hoping the pain will go away. By mid-day, the light from the screen, the smells from cooking, the sounds of my children happily playing all clashed, clanged and reduced me to tears. […]

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Equal Not Same

Laddu and I are at the library. She sports her gingerbread man shaped name tag with pride. Her eyes are bright, curious and taking everything in. The diminutive lady running the pre-k program at the library recognizes her even though it is only her second time there. The little table in front of us has […]

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“Hurry on out! There is a rainbow in the sky,” I scream as I rush out. I half expect the twins to stay rooted to the sofa, eyes glazed over as Sofia the First proves to be wiser than her years. I am surprised to see them join Saathi, Laddu and I at the driveway […]

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Don’t grow up so fast

I brush your hair back and efficiently pin it so your hair will remain dry as you shower. You turn back and the face that stares at me looks almost grown up. For a moment I get a glimpse of how you will look like at the threshold of womanhood. The next half hour passes […]

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Mmm! This smells good!

I sit by the breakfast table. The low hanging light fixture gives off a mellow glow. The wide glass door behind me is screened with a blind. It is dawn and the sun is just breaking. Pattani who has been waiting eagerly for me to join her, clambers on to my lap, her milk-bottle in hand. Adjusting herself […]

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