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Big Little Things

The clock is yet to strike 8:00 am. The twins and Saathi have left for school and work. Laddu is still at the island dipping her coin dosais in a mix of thayir and chutney and savoring each morsel. I make my round picking up coffee mugs, discarded plates, and crumbs on the floor. A […]

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To The Moon And Back – We Love You

The sun slants in through the open glass of the side door. It feels warm against my face. All three kids surround me. One is convinced her sleeping bag needs a wash. The other two are taking their first delightful steps into the Harry Potter universe. The questions fly thick and fast. I can’t seem […]

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Words that paint a picture

It is a lazy Sunday morning. I step out with the coffee in my hand. The dull red brick feels cool under my bare feet. I slip on my flip-flops and walk out of the patio. I feel my feet sink into the damp, lush grass. The smell of raw grass invades my nostrils. The […]

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Love in small doses

“I had the best day ever!” exclaimed Pattani as she licked the spoon clean. I watched her with an amused expression till she leaned over and gave me a wet slobbery kiss. I was pleasantly surprised and mulled over the day even as the wetness on my cheek dried. It has been a hard week. […]

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One hug on the side. To go please!

My warm pink fuzzy socks snagged on the rough coir mat as I rushed between the kitchen and the minivan hauling lunch bags and kids in my hurry to get them out the door by 8:00 AM. Just as the van doors started to close, Ammani’s voice rang out. “Can I have a hug? Please?” […]

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Reflections on the rearview

I hit the roadways right in the middle of the rush hour. It takes me a precise 7 minutes to get to the first light. As I make the turn to enter the ramp leading to the highway, I angle my head to glance at the clock. A smile creeps into my face wiping out […]

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