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Walking In Place

The breeze caresses my face, I can feel the sand in between my toes. I am running slowly, the thin material of my shirt sticking to my back in a way that is not entirely unpleasant. My eyes are closed. Arijit’s voice is crooning in my ear. The digital beep of my elliptical brings me […]

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Epiphany: You Hold The Keys In Your Hand

Amma and I are on the phone.  “In our entire extended family, whom do you think is the most successful,” I ask. “What do you mean? In what sense?” she counters. “Whatever is your parameter for success,” I say and wait patiently for her to reply.  I can almost hear her mental wheels spinning. She […]

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Epiphany: Adoption Edition

I step past Laddu lying on the wooden floor in front of the fridge, in the throes of a magnificent meltdown. Her body heaves and lets out huge sobs, almost too big for her. Her eyes are red, her snot and slob all mixed into a runny mess on her face. I am tempted to […]

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Life is short

As the hot water from the shower washed over me, shrieks of laughter trickled in from the bedroom where Ammani and Pattani ran around dodging their Appa. It is Sunday I realized wistfully. Where did the weekend go? As I walked out I was greeted by smiles and hugs like I had been away a […]

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Epiphany – A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

This word has fascinated me many times. I heard it used by many people. I never quite got what it meant. Till yesterday. I had an epiphany. It feels good saying that. I have to go back a bit to explain what I feel. Over the years there have been many things I have craved, […]

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