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Try Harder! Film Analysis

This weekend, I sat in a theater for the first time in forever, my mask fogging up my glasses with my twin middle schoolers watching a documentary. Try Harder! follows five high schoolers as they navigate the junior and senior year of high school. This is not just any high school but one that is…

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Protagonists In Our Story

I chew thoughtfully, very aware of the camera‚Äôs gaze on me. I try and ignore its presence. Sometimes I am successful. I go about my day aware of a third unseeing eye in the house. My children color on pages, the camera a benign presence. They chat about inane things. Sometimes, they say something profound.…

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Why I Share My Story

I am crouched behind the door, my large frame cramped on the tiny steps leading down to the basement. Pattu and Laddu are downstairs in the room farthest from where I am and I can still hear the muted sounds from the iPad they are playing with. Ammu is seated on the stairs across from…

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