Our Daughters Update: CAAM Media Fund Awardee

Our Daughters, the documentary that has been almost two years in the making now is a recipient of the CAAM Media Fund. In their words. CAAM is supporting six new documentaries through our Media Fund department. CAAM funds documentaries and projects made by or about Asian Americans that are intended for public media. This includes … Continue reading Our Daughters Update: CAAM Media Fund Awardee

Three Identical Strangers: Thoughts And Angst

Spoiler Alert. I highly recommend you watch the movie before reading I watched the trailer for Three Identical Strangers end of June this year. I was fascinated. Not just because this was a story of adoption but because it seemed too incredible to be true. The dramatic music, the reenactments and the hints of something … Continue reading Three Identical Strangers: Thoughts And Angst

Protagonists In Our Story

I chew thoughtfully, very aware of the camera‚Äôs gaze on me. I try and ignore its presence. Sometimes I am successful. I go about my day aware of a third unseeing eye in the house. My children color on pages, the camera a benign presence. They chat about inane things. Sometimes, they say something profound. … Continue reading Protagonists In Our Story

Why I Share My Story

I am crouched behind the door, my large frame cramped on the tiny steps leading down to the basement. Pattu and Laddu are downstairs in the room farthest from where I am and I can still hear the muted sounds from the iPad they are playing with. Ammu is seated on the stairs across from … Continue reading Why I Share My Story

Observer And The Observed

She arrived by the morning train early on Thursday carrying equipment that occupied more than two unwieldy bags. She filmed us setting up the Golu. She was there, a tangible presence as we squabbled, as we debated on the order of the Dasavatharam. She was that silent fly on the wall as we rehashed stories, … Continue reading Observer And The Observed

Of Stories And Storytellers

I scan the tinted windows of the Amtrak train which a new friend boarded to get home. I hope to wave one final bye before I walk back to my car but can't see her. I drive home on auto-pilot. The weekend has been interesting. It has been intense. Over two months ago, when The … Continue reading Of Stories And Storytellers

The Story Of India

For those interested, PBS has this show that premieres Jan 5th 2009 at 9:00 PM EST that traces the history of India from a very long time ago to now. It is a six part series two of which will be aired back to back tomorrow. More on this can be found here on PBS … Continue reading The Story Of India