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Of banoons, pencens and cheese

“Thanni” she says as she points to her water bottle. “Pencen” she says as she holds her chubby hand for a pencil. “Cheese” she says as she takes a bowl from the cabinet and walks purposefully to her high chair. She notices me taking a picture, angles her head and says “Cheese”. Her vocabulary is […]

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Of friends, food and fun

We lay across from each other, half reclined, bodies settled in a comfortable nooks as we traded quips, exchanged parenting hacks and talked about our lives. The clock neared midnight and I half expected her to turn into a pumpkin and the weekend to be a particularly pleasant dream from which I was waking. A […]

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Lullaby and goodnight

If there is one thing I regret in earnest since laddu was born, it is that I cannot sing to save my life. As I hold and rock her back and forth as she expresses her frustration the only way she knows, I wish from deep within that I could croon to her. That the […]

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Infertility, Pregnancy

It happened one afternoon

I was a few days late. I looked up the app on my phone to confirm. Could it be? A voice niggled at the back of my head. I counted again. Seven days late. I had never been that late. Hmm! I voiced my concern to Saathi. He dismissed it. Infertility does that to you. […]

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Don’t grow up so fast

I brush your hair back and efficiently pin it so your hair will remain dry as you shower. You turn back and the face that stares at me looks almost grown up. For a moment I get a glimpse of how you will look like at the threshold of womanhood. The next half hour passes […]

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Diary, Education, Feelings, MBA, Musings

All done!

Hopefully the last of diary like posts but wanted to put this one as a recap of the past couple of days for myself to read later as well and think “Well! I survived that!..” All Saturday saw our group huddled in our conference room laptops popped open, heaps of printouts spread on the table, […]

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