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COVID-19 Diaries: Politics, Race, Children

There is a pain between my shoulder blades that is nagging. It has been a week. I lower myself to the ground so my upper back can find something firm to rest upon. My kaapi is by the side. I snack on cheese curls as I scroll through my feed. Hasan Minhaj’s video has been […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: First Lost Tooth

We are all sitting around our dining table. The afternoon sun feels pleasant as it filters through the window even if it is windy and cold outside. The steam swirls and diffuses into the air from the keerai kootu. I serve the children while the husband dutifully mixes the hot rice, ghee, and kootu for […]

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The Writing Journey

The messages from my publisher usually are short and to the point. My heart skips a beat each time I see her name pop up on my messages. In February of this year, I had plans. I renewed my passport. I was to apply for a visa. I had a mental map of the places […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Ambivalent

Today caps two full weeks of the entire family staying home. We are settling into a pattern of sorts. If last week felt overwhelming because I was trying to be a conscientious employee and a full-time homemaker, this week was better because I decided perfection is impossible. I let things slide. I told myself it […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Struggling

Today marks the end of the first work week of quarantine. A week in which as working adults we were expected to put in full days, homeschool kids and keep the house running. The work part went okay because it fell to me to organize my time and do what is needed to keep things […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Juggling

I log in with a coffee and croissant by my side. The email volume is low and I figure I might get the dosai and adai maavu done if the day was going to be light. I get up, soak a mixture of rice and dals in varying proportions and return to my seat. I […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Exhausted!

It is not yet 8:30 pm. The exhaustion I feel is bone-deep. My day began around 5:30 am and it has been a whirl of activity. Working, cooking, cleaning, feeding, and sitting with decimal math for two kids at the fag end of a long day took everything out of me. The average course load […]

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Of banoons, pencens and cheese

“Thanni” she says as she points to her water bottle. “Pencen” she says as she holds her chubby hand for a pencil. “Cheese” she says as she takes a bowl from the cabinet and walks purposefully to her high chair. She notices me taking a picture, angles her head and says “Cheese”. Her vocabulary is […]

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Of friends, food and fun

We lay across from each other, half reclined, bodies settled in a comfortable nooks as we traded quips, exchanged parenting hacks and talked about our lives. The clock neared midnight and I half expected her to turn into a pumpkin and the weekend to be a particularly pleasant dream from which I was waking. A […]

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Lullaby and goodnight

If there is one thing I regret in earnest since laddu was born, it is that I cannot sing to save my life. As I hold and rock her back and forth as she expresses her frustration the only way she knows, I wish from deep within that I could croon to her. That the […]

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It happened one afternoon

I was a few days late. I looked up the app on my phone to confirm. Could it be? A voice niggled at the back of my head. I counted again. Seven days late. I had never been that late. Hmm! I voiced my concern to Saathi. He dismissed it. Infertility does that to you. […]

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Don’t grow up so fast

I brush your hair back and efficiently pin it so your hair will remain dry as you shower. You turn back and the face that stares at me looks almost grown up. For a moment I get a glimpse of how you will look like at the threshold of womanhood. The next half hour passes […]

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All done!

Hopefully the last of diary like posts but wanted to put this one as a recap of the past couple of days for myself to read later as well and think “Well! I survived that!..” All Saturday saw our group huddled in our conference room laptops popped open, heaps of printouts spread on the table, […]

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Day two – recap

Day two went past in a blur. Mostly closeted in a room with my teammates trying to outwit other teams as we analyzed their moves and plotted ours. As the clock pushed 8:00 PM, I had no intention of getting home. My teammates however, had a distance to go and promised to meet back next […]

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Initial impressions

At 5:00 PM Wednesday evening my stomach was in knots. I walked past the door to the university a couple of times scoping the place out and checking to see if anyone was in early. The smell of mayonnaise hit my nose. We were supposed to show up at 5:30 PM for our Orientation. I […]

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Life is good!

Sometimes in the hours before I am ready to call it a day, I sit on my recliner, feet up, laptop perched comfortably on my legs and browse. I cover news from MSNBC, The Hindu, Rediff, CNN, BBC and Google News. Then wondering what to do next, I haunt all my fave bloggers in the […]

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