Diwali: Past And Present

The email from HR arrived suddenly, unexpected in its subject line. “Diwali,” it said. The body was sparse, requesting any of us who had the time to stop by HR for a quick chat. New to the company (relatively) and therefore without deadlines hounding me, I took the stairs to the third floor and found … Continue reading Diwali: Past And Present

Recreating Traditions – Deepavali 2016

It is dusk, the light giving way to the dark as the shadows lengthen in my family room. Laddu is on my lap. I want to lie down and sleep but I am sitting ramrod straight, keeping a wary eye for gurgling noises before she throws up. Ammu and Pattu sit in matching pista green … Continue reading Recreating Traditions – Deepavali 2016

Let there be light!

Holiday season is upon us. This past Sunday I rushed through the aisles of the local clothing store picking up a piece here and a piece there. I piled on my purchases and dove into the first available dressing room making sure I had at least one pair that fit. Walking out the store with … Continue reading Let there be light!

Light up your life – Happy Deepavali!

Ting. I glanced to see another email pop up at the corner of my screen. "Re Happy Deepavali" read the subject. I smiled as I leaned back knowing full well I could expect many more to stream in through the day. This morning as I picked people from my personal contacts list to send a … Continue reading Light up your life – Happy Deepavali!

Holiday Spirit?

As I labored over my first attempt at making Kaju Kathli/Cake yesterday in the evening, the house filled with smells of cardamom and saffron. The warmth from the stove was making the whole place cozy. As I poured the bubbling mixture into a greased plate and patted it into an arbitrary shape of even thickness, … Continue reading Holiday Spirit?

Kaju Kathli – Cashew, Sugar, Saffron, Cardamom combined to make a flavorful cake

Background: With Deepavali tomorrow, for the first time in seven years, I gave into the urge to make something sweet. Considering both K and I enjoy cashews a lot, it only made sense for me to make Kaju Kathli or Cashew Cake. After scouring the Internet for recipes that ranged from powdering the cashews and … Continue reading Kaju Kathli – Cashew, Sugar, Saffron, Cardamom combined to make a flavorful cake

Ganga Snanam Aacha?

With all the excitement surrounding one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India I couldn't help but reminisce on the Deepavali's past in my life. And yes I refuse to call it Diwali. I grew up celebrating Deepavali and I will continue to address it that way 🙂 Much like Chennai and Madras I … Continue reading Ganga Snanam Aacha?