Pontificating On Spirituality

It is a blustery morning. I am bundled up as I head for my morning walk. I am glad for the warm wool scarf around my neck that also obscures the wires from the earphone snaking to my pocket. This morning, I choose to start with Venkateshwara Suprabatham. M.S. Subbulakshmi crooning into my ears is … Continue reading Pontificating On Spirituality

Adoption: Complex, Nuanced, Heavy

The music of my teenage fills my ears as I walk and I feel a sense of being cocooned. I hum along with numbers I can remember. The beauty of Urdu washes over me and I am happy. The way one is happy for no reason. Last night, I sat on a two-seater sofa with … Continue reading Adoption: Complex, Nuanced, Heavy

A Big Fat Multicultural Cauldron

I am on my way back home, slowing to a stop before a turn when the flash of blue startles me. The bird is tiny, a violent blue against the sea of dull greens, browns, and yellows that greet me these days. I track the bird as it disappears into a tree and makes my … Continue reading A Big Fat Multicultural Cauldron

Of Standing In Judgement

A couple of days back, we sat as a family at the dinner table passing rotis and subzi and talking about our day when Pattu decided to show us her newfound trick of drinking water from a tumbler without touching it to her lips. We were suitably awed and I quipped “you have earned your … Continue reading Of Standing In Judgement

Letters To My Daughters: On Religion, Faith, Culture and Rituals

Dear Ammu, Pattu, and Laddu, Today is Karadaiyan nonbu, a festival dedicated to a woman in Hindu mythology for defying death and saving her husband’s life. As a mother and wife, I probably view this tale differently. Growing up though, all I remember are the yummy adais that my Amma would make and the thin … Continue reading Letters To My Daughters: On Religion, Faith, Culture and Rituals

Happy Hauntings!

Over the years, Halloween is a holiday that has crept up on us. Pre-kids, Saathi and I gave out candy religiously and turned the lights out at about 8:00 PM. With the arrival of Ammu and Pattu, we gave in and got costumes for the kids and reveled in the pumpkin art they brought home … Continue reading Happy Hauntings!

Story of India – The Golden Age

Settling in comfortably on our well used recliner with a warm throw K and I tuned in to watch the next two episodes of The Story of India on PBS. The third episode showed the period of the Kushan rule and Emperor Kanishka. Colorful images of Mathura and Ayodhya were a visual assault on the … Continue reading Story of India – The Golden Age