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Counting Down To School

“Two more days before school starts!” My youngest literally springs down the steps two at a time, her energy too bright for the morning. I am yet to have my coffee. I am grumpy. “One more day‚Ķ” I correct her. “We are already on Saturday. One more day and you start school the following day.”…

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COVID-19 Diaries: Yearbooks

I spied my youngest through the window. There was a bounce in her step and a book in her hands. Her backpack jogged along as she hopped, skipped, and ran her way home from the bus. The excitement was catching as I opened the door and she thrust her yearbook in my hand while talking…

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The words are relentless. They appear on my Twitter feed. They show up in my WhatsApp messages. They sneak into my FB Messenger. Sometimes, they even make their way into my now largely defunct email inbox. Each word, each sentence is a life. It is a friend. It is a friend of a friend. It…

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