Crossing Cultures

“How do you open this thing?” Laddu’s cry is plaintive as she wrestles with a miniature Hawkins pressure cooker. I show her how to open and close the cooker. Ammu pipes up “Did you have one growing up?” “Never!” I say. My ferocity surprises me though it shouldn’t. I try to explain to her how … Continue reading Crossing Cultures

Like A Yo-yo

She rolls to and from me like a yo-yo, the weight of her body propelling her first one way and then another. I clutch at her something fierce and let go with just the same vigor. We are on the bed, Laddu and I. It has been a month since she has given up her … Continue reading Like A Yo-yo

Candid Camera?

Not really! Apar of Random Ruminations tagged me yet again 🙂 This time though it was a tag I loved doing. As you can see from the very nature of my blog, I love sharing. My personal life, my hurts, my successes and occasionally pictures. The rule of this tag is to publish an old … Continue reading Candid Camera?