On Changes Big And Small

  I open the door to Laddu’s class and hear a piercing wail from a boy standing next to his teacher. I freeze and then laugh as I figure out what is happening. ‘I don’t want to go to the other class!” he sobs while his teacher holds him. She is rubbing his back while … Continue reading On Changes Big And Small

Seeping change

Sometimes change happens so slowly that you are not aware it happens at all and one fine day something happens that you sit up and take notice and recognize what is different. Like packing your bag and leaving for the day at 5:30 PM and being startled that it is not as dark as you … Continue reading Seeping change

Time for change?

K sat frustrated with our new laptop. He was harried because it was getting late to go to work. Shower not done, his beeper went off. As he tried to navigate the keyboard of our new laptop his frustrations bounced off me. "Why does it take so long to boot?", "Where is the End key?", … Continue reading Time for change?

You were not like this before!

In the middle of a conversation with my friend, this came up. "You were not like this before..." she stated. It was a simple declaration. She aught to know. After all, she is my best friend. I must have filed it at the back of my mind to process later because I did not know … Continue reading You were not like this before!