As the year winds down, so do I. Winter has its way of sending me hibernating. Of making me hoard my thoughts and hunker down waiting for spring to come. A lot has been on my mind. On relationships. On parenting. On adopting and being adopted. On feminism. On choices. Yet, as I sit and … Continue reading Adios

A tinge of sadness

Ready to call it a day, I logged into my GMail Account one last time before I shut the laptop and saw an email from a local restaurant. I had signed up for its reward program seven years back. Every year, they sent me a 25$ gift card for my birthday and K and I … Continue reading A tinge of sadness

For real this time

On and off, I have mentioned a lack of inspiration. Right now between work, home and school, I feel stretched. Logging on here is starting to feel like a chore and it never used to feel that way. I don't really care for this feeling. So, instead of going to a state where I feel … Continue reading For real this time

No post today?

"No post today" queried my friend in a small blinking window in one corner of my screen. "No mood." I replied. It is true. After months of motivating myself to write at least five times a week, I feel like I am hitting the wall. The past couple of weeks I have had to push … Continue reading No post today?