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Defining Success: Yet

I was logged in to work, early for a Friday morning that is, when Laddu, also logged into her school iPad in the same room, walked up to me. Her face was serious. I removed my ear phones and gave her my full attention preparing myself to send a note to her teacher whatever the…

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Announcement: Book Deal!

Miracles happen. They do! In July this year, a publisher from Red Panda, a children’s imprint of Westland Publishing (an Amazon company) in India reached out through my blog. She asked if I was interested in writing children’s fiction. I hemmed and hawed and eventually jumped at the opportunity. For someone who primarily writes creative…

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One more page

It is 7:30 PM. I hear whining from the sofa. Another two hours before I can curl up and be lost in blissful sleep I think. My feet hurt from being up all evening. I load the dishes. Time slows to a crawl. Another half hour later, the twins hug good night and head upstairs.…

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