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Finally, A Gift He Likes!

“This is the best birthday gift you have given me!” Saathi beams as he chops vegetables and lifts his eyes to mine. I search for snark and find none. He truly is enjoying the breeze the portable fan in front of him is generating. For years he would sit at the island, sweat beading above […]

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Happy Birthday, Musings

Four Years Old: This Little Baby Of Mine

“Amma, they don’t know sowkyama, nanna irruken…” “What is the word for kaaram?” Laddu is in the backseat trying to convince me that her friends at school do not know Tamil. We have a conversation each morning on the way to her school. Some days she muses on the speed of my driving. Other days […]

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These Little Girls Of Mine

She stands in her batik printed dress, the silky fabric clinging to her body as she strikes a pose for me. I click and I am taken aback by the young woman staring back at me in the photo. I turn the phone off and suggest that she wear a Capri pant underneath. Year over […]

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The Joys Of Giving

I hold Laddu’s hand as we walk slowly to her school. We stop and stare, we inspect rocks, we look for traces of snow. It is an excruciatingly slow process. We push the door open and she rushes to her friends and I swear internally. I extract her lunch box, put it away in the […]

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